Working With Purpose – Getting On The Right Bus

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The other night I was having a conversation with a friend over a glass of red (or maybe a few more!)  Anyway, the conversation turned to the topic of “working with purpose.”

The video below explains why I think this is important.

I firstly want to point out that I feel the word “purpose” has become a cliché.  How often do we hear mentors and self-help books proclaiming that “you need to find your purpose in life to be fully happy“, or, “you need to discover what are you born to do?

I think it has become a little over used, and sadly people don’t pay much attention anymore

Why You Should Aim To Work With Purpose

I think some people are really fortunate to know what they are born to do early in life.  On the other side of the coin, there are many people who go to their grave never knowing what their purpose is.   My first MAJOR understanding on this topic occurred when I was about 32.  I was attending a course in Sydney, and a lot of it was around a famous philosopher called Buckminster Fuller.

Buckminster FullerIf you haven’t heard of him, Bucky Fuller was living an ordinary existence, who had an extraordinary event that lead him to finding his purpose and thus working with purpose.  Bucky was a big drinker and party guy.  One day he missed his daughter’s birthday and when he finally arrived home his daughter died in his arms, succumbing to her long-term illness.

This sent him into a depression and he stopped talking for 2 years.  He couldn’t handle the pain and one day decided to commit suicide.  His plan was to swim to the middle of a lake and drown himself.

The night came for him to fulfill his plan, and just as he reached the middle of the lake Bucky heard a really strong voice inside of him that said,


The voice was so strong, Bucky cancelled his appointment with his own demise, swam to shore and became committed to finding out what that voice meant.  This was a turning point in his life and he went from being a depressed middle aged guy, to one of the greatest philosophers in the world.  From that night onwards he began to work with purpose.

The phrase “You don’t own you, the universe does” has intrigued me ever since I stumbled across it. I’m literally fascinated by it and it has opened up a whole new world for me.

I now know we are all born to live with purpose or, if you like,  to have a mission.  I think a tree is the best example of how we’re meant to live – firmly planted in the ground with a clear path ahead of us.  The only person who is responsible for ruining our journey of upward growth is you.

Like Bucky, all we have to do is get out of our heads and let nature take over (or the universe).  If we do this we will blossom into our greatest potential!

I recently wrote my first book called: “What The Hell Are You Chasing?

I never imagined I’d be an author, but strangely, I’ve also started on my second book,  “Are You On The Right Bus?”

I like to refer to people who work with purpose as being ON THE RIGHT BUS.
People who aren’t working with purpose are simply NOT ON THE RIGHT BUS.

How To Tell If You’re On The Right Bus …

Well, it’s probably easier to see if you are on the WRONG BUS.  If you are, you’ll be feeling some OR ALL of these below:

  • Drained
  • Low in confidence;
  • Unfulfilled;
  • Living for the weekends/holidays;
  • Thinking retirement is the key to life;
  • Think that possessions are the key to life;
  • Low in energy;
  • Fearful of the future;
  • Restless;
  • Procrastinating;
  • Things always go wrong in your life;
  • Feeling of helplessness;
  • Stuck in a job you hate;
  • Running a business just for the money and you don’t love it;
  • Sabotaging by overeating, drinking or taking drugs;
  • Feeling lonely
  • Worrying constantly;
  • Sleep a lot;
  • Walking around with your eyes towards the ground but your head in the clouds;
  • Always focusing on the negative;
  • Feeling angry;
  • Being defensive or snapping constantly; and
  • Unable to take onboard constructive criticism.

Often, we are on the wrong bus when we just have an inner knowing that something isn’t right. This can involve a relationship, a job, a business or a location. It’s hard to articulate the feeling. The easiest way to describe it, is that sense that things just need to be different. When we’re in this situation our head thinks it’s fine, but our heart doesn’t.

When we learn to listen to our heart and find our bus, we experience:

  • Abundant energy;
  • Enormous faith in the future;
  • Clarity;
  • A powerful sense of self-control;
  • Feeling alive;
  • Being on purpose;
  • A sense that every day is a holiday;
  • Being just as excited about Monday as you are for Friday;
  • A realisation that life isn’t about retirement;
  • Work as if it almost a playful game;
  • Drive that makes us bounce of bed.

How do we “GET ON” the right bus?

I’ve broken it down into 3 steps.  It sounds easy and it actually is.

Step 1:  Identify your BUS

(identify your purpose or mission)

To hit the target you’ve got to be able to see it.  Working with purpose is therefore about getting clarity on your mission and your purpose.  What are you born to do?  What is your intuition telling you?

The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why

Core ValuesLife is such an interesting journey and I believe we go through a series of apprenticeships to discover our purpose.  I only truly discovered mine a few years ago.  I now look back on everything else I have done and I realize that ALL of these events were preparing me for the bus that I am now on.

Here are some suggestions to help you find YOUR BUS:

  • Listen – learn to spend time alone to listen to what your intuition is telling you;
  • Move – you can’t steer a parked bus. You sometimes have to try a new bus journey to see if its for you.  You may make a mistake, but that is ok.
  • You can’t force the right bus to come along.  Sometimes, the right bus might be years away.  That’s OK.  The amount of people I meet who experience angst in their lives because they haven’t found their life calling YET is amazing.  Let go now and stop worrying!  You can’t force it – it will come when ready.
  • When your mission becomes clear, be prepared.  Why?  It will often be bigger than you AND it will often involve adding value to others.  Everyone is born to contribute in some way;
  • The gold is often buried in our dirt.  That is, the things we don’t like are often our greatest strengths.  Often a relationship councilor is terrible at keeping relationships!
  • There are number of other tools you can use to help speed this up.  If you want to explore these I recommend you enrol in my 5 STEPS TO IDENTIFYING YOUR MISSION COURSE

Step 2:  Accept your BUS

(accept your purpose or mission)

Remember what we learnt from Bucky … “you don’t own you, the universe owns you.”

Sometimes a mission comes along and we say, “I don’t want to do this – I want to do that.

Be like the tree and just grow in the direction you are being pulled.  If it’s not meant to be right, something will change your trajectory.

Often our stubborn mind  stops the right bus coming along.

This is why the quote, “when you let go of how you think it is and embrace how it is”, is so powerful.

In my case, I always had the burning desire to grow a large company; to be an entrepreneur.  My goal was to make millions of dollars and then retire on a beach and live happily ever after! I lived, breathed and chased it day and night.  All the while I was ignoring my intuition – my gut feeling that just wanted me to do doing what I’m doing right now – sharing this information with you.

The biggest breakthrough came for me when I accept whom I really was.  This involved accepting that my BUS might not be as glamorous as the Mercedes Bus with a sunroof and pool at the back (although who is to say that this won’t happen).

Maybe your bus is also a lot simpler than the one you’ve envisaged for yourself up to now.

Accept your bus and enjoy it for what it is.  Stop trying to be like ANYONE else.  You are amazing and unique.  There are going to be so many fears that come up for you that will often keep you on the wrong bus.   Just go with it and enjoy the ride.

Step 3: Enjoy your BUS Journey

(enjoy your purpose or mission)

My definition of success is now measured by how much FUN I have

Once you have found your bus and accepted it for what it is, the key is to truly sit back and love every moment of your journey.  You will be looked after.  When you let go of the fear of things not working out relief will fill your life.

I describe the feeling of enjoying your bus as creating flow in your life.  It’s an incredible feeling and things begin to happen so easily around you.

When you are enjoying your bus I believe your life finally feels balanced.  This is when I realised my time needed to be invested into the following categories:

  • Career and business;
  • Finance;
  • Relationships;
  • Social;
  • New challenges;
  • Spirituality;
  • Health;
  • Development/education;
  • Meeting new people and traveling to new places; and
  • Community.

When you’re truly enjoying your journey, you realise that BALANCE is the key – and when you’re in balance, everything starts working together.  You remain on the bus, and every day starts feeling like a holiday.

This is my purpose – to help people experience this feeling – every day.

Have a wonderful week and I sincerely hope that you find your right bus if you haven’t already.

PS. Remember to comment below and let us know what you think. I’d love to hear if anyone else has any suggestions as far as working with purpose is concerned.