I’ll Be Happy When …

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So you’re not satisfied with life? You think it has no purpose or meaning? You think there should be more? Perhaps you don’t feel happy, or satisfied or fulfilled – or you’re sad, lonely and scared.

So here’s my question …

Is the PURSUIT of happiness itself creating stress in your life?

What Are You Chasing?

I’ll Be Happy When” was written by Susan Roberts (my mum) in response to this question.

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I’ll Be Happy When – The Words

Jimmy has a brand new coat.  I want one too, but what’s the hope?
Sarah’s Dad gave her a bear.  The one I wanted.  It isn’t fair.
They have it all, compared to me.  No wonder they are so happy

Exams too close and pressure’s on.  Vacations promise heaps of fun.
The days had better rush by fast, to close the books and farewell class.
And finally kiss school goodbye.  Then happiness will multiply.

Wish now to have a magic wand, to change my hair from dark to blond.
Get larger boobs and smaller feet.  A boyfriend then would be so neat.
To lose some weight and fit that dress.  So close to knowing happiness.

If only wages gave me more.  If only work was nine till four.
If only rents were half as dear and holidays were twice a year.
If only I could find more space, this world would be a happy place.

I’m now the boss and set the rules.  My kids are all at private schools.
Our house is large with ocean view.  The yacht is moored, the car is new.
At last my life will now begin.  Then why this emptiness within?

Too soon I’m old and near the end.  Now memories are my best friend.
With time at last to finally see, I had it all, but lost the key.
I chose to leave the best unseen.  The happiness that might have been.


Would love to know what you think of my Mum’s poem, and I’d love for you to share your thoughts below.