Depression Warning Signs

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Being in business can be really challenging.

Recently, a business colleague of mine brought up the subject of depression in relation to business owners. I think many people (particularly males) experience some (or many)  signs of depression and hide it. In fact, depression warning signs are often hard to spot because they tend to creep up on you.

I believe being in business can be an amazing journey to help us develop our lives. However, starting a business forces the things we don’t like about ourselves to come to the surface. This can open a can of worms as a result.

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10 Signs Of Possible Depression

I remember when I was in my first 2 years of running a business, I experienced a number of depression warning signs, but I didn’t connect the dots between these signs and actually having depression. The list below describes me at the time …

  • Lack of energy
  • Feeling unmotivated
  • Not feeling worthy
  • Feelings of low self esteem and low self confidence
  • Everything feels hard
  • Feeling overwhelmed and foggy minded
  • Not able to describe exactly what is wrong (when you know there is something wrong)
  • Lack of usual enthusiasm
  • Great at kidding everyone that things are fine (when they’re not)
  • Procrastination

At the time, my business was in a lot of debt and it felt like everything was going wrong in my life.

Since then, I’ve  come across many entrepreneurs who have experienced the same thing, and I would really like to help them out of it.

I believe there are some simple tools to help you deal with these depressive feelings when you first become aware of them.

5 Natural Treatments For Depression

1. Get Clarity

I found that when things are going wrong, our brain is focusing heavily on what we don’t want in our life. We need to FLIP this around and focus on what we DO want in our lives.

We talk about this extensively in the flip your life program. I advise that you do a clarity vs contrast task and identify everything that you don’t want ON PAPER and to be able to figure out exactly what you DO want.

2. Are You On The Right Bus?

I’ve spoke about this at length in my Are You On The Right Bus video. So many of us fail to see that negative events happening in our lives can actually be blessings in disguise. In fact, they can actually nudge us on to a better-aligned bus.

We also need to learn to tap into our intuition. One of the best ways to do this is to spend some time in nature.

3. Change Your Definition of Success

Expectations can have a really negative impact on us, because we think we should have achieved something by a certain time – and when we don’t reach that, we get upset with ourselves.

It is essential that you continue to set goals, but you need to be flexible enough to still feel successful if even if one of your goals doesn’t get crossed off.

We also need to stop comparing ourselves to others.

4. Shift Focus

Shift your focus from your own problems, and focus on helping others

Selfish people are always thinking about themselves.

Selfless people, don’t have time to think about themselves because they are so busy focusing on helping others.

5. It Won’t Last

When I was first introduced to this concept, it really helped me to put current events into perspective.

There is an old tale about a wise man who, whenever a stressful situation came up, would open his hand and look at something inscribed on his ring.

As he did so, his fears would quickly disappear and he’d be filled with more confidence and enthusiasm.

At other times, during a period of euphoria, he’d look again at his ring and become calm.

After he died, people looked at his ring to discover his secret.

On the ring were written the words: “It will pass”

If you are going through a bad patch, it won’t last.

If you are going through a great patch, it won’t last.


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