The Future Is Better Than You Think

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Why is it that we often  FEAR the future?

Do you ever get the feeling that things aren’t good?  You know that uncomfortable feeling in your stomach that something is wrong?

It could be a feeling of anxiety – it’s hard to explain, but it’s just there.  I believe this is often a FEAR ABOUT THE FUTURE.  Did you know that a lot of stress and depression is caused by this?

THE FUTURE IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU THINK, and this video shows you why …


I highly recommend that you read Abundance by Peter Diamandis & Steven Kotler. These guys make some pretty bold statements about the future, and they’ve pooled lots of evidence to make their point that abundance for all is within our grasp
If you wish to purchase, it is available on Amazon in a variety of forms from the link on the left

FEAR and The Media

I don’t know about you but I am SICK AND TIRED of the media creating a fear about our future. They thrive on it. And sadly, it’s very easy for us to be sucked into their rubbish.

I think many people carry a fear of the future.

People have fear about their career, their relationships, the economy, the environment and just about anything!

Sadly – the media and what we are feeding our brain has so much to do with it.

Change the food, you change the feeling!

We are so lucky!

Statistics From Abundance The Book

  • A Masai warrior with a mobile phone has better communication capabilities that the president of USA did 25 years ago. If he has a smartphone with Google, he has better access to information that the president did 15 years ago.
  • The amount of people living in absolute poverty has halved over the last 50 years.
  • Groceries today cost 13 times less than they did 150 years ago.
  • 95% of Americans living below the poverty line have electricity, running water, internet access a refrigerator and a TV. These are luxuries that a billionaire could not have had 100 years ago.
  • The proportion of undernourished people in the world has gone from 33% to 16% in the last 40 years
  • Worldwide life expectancy has gone from 31years to 67 in just the last century
  • Infant mortality has decreased by 99% in the last century
  • Literacy has moved from 25% to 80%
  • Currently 1.5billion have access to internet, by 2020, this is expected to be 5 billion!


There is so much opportunity coming our way

There really is.  WAY MORE than you realise

In the book abundance, the authors explain …

  • There are billions coming online over the next 5 years, thus enormous room for growth around the world
  • The world is merging as one unit, thus why aren’t we thinking about this developing world (remember, we are developed in the western world)
  • The technology changes have reached a tipping point, and over the next decade there will be technology to …
    • Fix the water issues in the developing world
    • Fix the food problems (one state will soon be able to feed the entire world)
    • Enable us to live to 200
    • Enable the world to really operate as one unit instead of an us vs them mentality (which is causing so much of the problems in the developed world today)
  • There is more opportunity today than there EVER has been before, but sadly people are blinded and just not opening their eyes to it
  • There really is SO much to be grateful for and SO much to be excited about.

If you have faith and excitement about the future, you can really relax and enjoy the present.  Try it! It really works and you will certainly travel through life with a lot less stress and angst.

Do we have a BETTER and BRIGHTER future ahead of us? I’d love to hear your take on this in the comments below …