Experience Is Over-rated

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The Benefits of Learning Theory Prior To Gaining Experience

We have all met people at work who have lots of experience and yet are still not that great at what they do.

If I had been an accountant for 30 years, you’d say that I had experience. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I am a really good accountant just because I have experience. So why is this?

A mentor called Marshall Thurber recently taught me about the difference between experience and theory at a course I attended of his, called The Future of Business.

Check out the video below to learn more:


I know many people, including myself, who have been playing golf for years.

I would say that after 20 years of golf, I am an experienced golfer, but I haven’t really got any better and I am average at best.

So what if someone had taught me a new theory at the beginning of my golf career like a technique for putting or how to hit long irons … If I had learned these new theories, how much better would my golf game be now?

Practice makes ‘permanent’, not ‘perfect’. If you practice the wrong thing, all you end up with is experience of doing things badly!

What theories don’t you know, that if you did, could transform your life and business?

If you are in HR or recruitment, for example, why not find out who the best is in the industry and read up on them to see if you can learn a new theory that will transform the way you do things. Why not read about someone who has been there and done it and made the mistakes so that you don’t have to?

If I were to tell you that I had arranged a lunch for you with Sir Richard Branson, and at this lunch he could tell you where he went wrong and offer you the new theories that he has learned to make him the billionaire he is today, would you say this is valuable?

Well unfortunately I can’t get you the lunch but I can tell you that the information he would tell you is already in his books!

So go and look for new theories and ask yourself again, “what theories don’t you know, that if you did, could transform your life and business?”

Have you ever learned a new theory that has multiplied your potential? I’d love to see your comments below …