Letting Go And Living In The Present

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Many of us have expectations about how our life should be. We often try to live up to the expectations of others and, on top of this, we often put a lot of pressure on ourselves to become the person we think we should be.

If we constantly focus on how we think things should be, we forget to live in the present and be grateful for what we have.

Watch the video below to see how “letting go” can take the weight off your shoulders and change your life.

Why Is Letting So Important?

If we constantly focus on where we think we should be, what we are saying to ourselves is …

life won’t be good enough until I get ‘x’ or until I reach ‘y’.

However, you can escape this cycle if you:

  1. get clear about where you want to be
  2. get excited about it and then
  3. “LET GO” of it and enjoy the journey.

Enjoy The Journey …

When Cadel Evans won the tour de France, he was asked straight afterwards “what are you thinking about?”

His answer was, “Next year’s race!”

If you always put success on the other side of an event, your brain will never catch up. If your happiness is always conditional on reaching something in the future, then you’ll never get there because we constantly move the goal posts.

The key is to LET GO of those expectations and live in the now. Not only will you be happier but you can achieve so much more when you are truly present.

Some time ago, my mum wrote this poem called “in the letting go”

In The Letting Go

(by Susan Roberts)

When the world is full of promise, but the soul can’t seem to rest,
When our comfort zone enfolds us, yet we cannot reach our crest,
When we know we must take action but we don’t know where to start,
We must acknowledge our own instinct by listening to our heart.
With our past a fading ember and our future world aglow,
How dare we hope to reach it if we choose to not let go?

When our world is closing in, and all we ask for is to cope,
Know the past is built on memory while the future’s built on hope.
Ask the question ‘Are we walking on the road to find our quest?’
Have we thought about our options or our future life addressed?’
Let our answer lead us forward to find tools to help us grow
For we can only move ahead by first learning to let go.

By clinging to what was, we find those doors that once had shone
Are closed by memories powers – our yesterday has gone.
Behind us lie our memories, just shadows from before,
Tomorrow is our challenge as we walk towards its door.
Take lessons from our yesterday, then let the new day show
The promise of tomorrow, after learning to let go.

So don’t let the fear of failure hold you back from moving on.
The future can be malleable. The past is cast in stone.
While we search for understanding to make sense of why we’re here,
We can lose the point or purpose when our journey isn’t clear.
But when we find our real life’s calling and feel its natural flow
Then we’ve surely found our proper path, in the letting go.


Have you ever experienced better results in your life after letting go of expectations? I’d love to read your comments below …