Slow Down To Speed Up

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It seems almost counterintuitive to say that you can speed up by first slowing down, but it’s true.

I have written a lot about finding clarity in previous posts, and your level of clarity about what you are doing will directly determine your level of productivity. You can find clarity by slowing down to reflect on your business or life, and so it follows that slowing down will increase productivity in the longer term, even if have to make a small sacrifice in the short term.

Watch the video below to find out more …

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How To Slow Down To Speed Up …

1. Remove The Bricks

Imagine that you’re about to start off on a big mountain trek, but your backpack is filled with bricks.

Would you try to carry the bricks to the top of the mountain, or would you remove the bricks from your backpack before setting off?

I find that many of my clients have a very keen focus on the top of the mountain, but their progress slows almost to a halt because they don’t stop to clear off the slate of niggly little tasks that have cropped up. This is the classic scenario where stopping in the present to get clarity will increase your speed in the future.

a) Create two columns either on a sheet of paper or in an excel spreadsheet. Label one column “PERSONAL” and the other “BUSINESS” or “CAREER”

Spend 20 minutes or so dumping down everything that has been left “incomplete”

b) Assign an “a”, “b”, or “c” priority to each task

c) Assign a time value for each task (NOTE: be realistic and stick to this)

d) Get to work

2. Give Yourself Permission To Have A Break

We all seem to have (or at least we create) such “busy-ness” in our lives. The idea of taking a week off – completely away from our busy schedules – is something many people think they can’t afford. In fact, you can’t afford not to do it.

The point when you give your mind and body the opportunity to stop is the time when you have your major breakthroughs.

I’ve been going to the gym lately, and I find it interesting that my body is doing the work of rebuilding muscle after the sessions – ie while I’m resting.

It’s similar in business … it’s only by taking a step back to get some perspective that we are able to regroup and move on.

Have your ever experienced the phenomenon of slowing down in order to speed up? Would love to read your comments below …