Making Jam By Picking The Right Fruit

Andrew Roberts Business 17 Comments

Have you taken a walk lately, and seen the abundance of fruit available on fruit trees?

Of course, I haven’t recently starting boiling and bottling jams (although I don’t mind some at breakfast now and then), trust me when I tell you I’m not the guy you want in a kitchen!

And what does hanging around fruit trees have to do with growing your business anyway?

Check out this week’s video on why its so important to know….

As you just saw, our businessman Blake was after the BIG fruit.

Andrew: But why Blake?

BlakeCause that small stuff, that stuff hanging around there, that’s just for amateurs mate’. ‘I want to build a business, a $1m company in 1,2 or 3 years. I need the BIG fruit at the top!

Andrew: So what you’re saying Blake, is that you’ll sacrifice this smaller stuff, in the middle at the bottom to go for the BIG stuff. Why?, Whats the point?

BlakeBecause I’m a winner. I’m destined for the BIG stuff – up there. It’s what all the BIG guys do

….meanwhile our businessman Blake, he’s been up that tree 6 weeks, he’s starving, tired and frustrated. And getting nowhere fast.

Look, laughs and videos (with questionable acting) aside – this is a VERY valid lesson.

Here’s our business owner, up the tree going for the BIG fruit. It’s what so many business people and entrepreneurs do.

They’re going for the BIG customers, the massive opportunities – the unattainable. They’re going for the BIG fruit.

But if you STOP and THINK on it – the MEDIUM hanging fruit, the slightly smaller stuff in the middle and lower down is RIPE and ready for picking and we’re way smarter choosing to IGNORE the HIGH hanging fruit to take care of the fruit you can see – that’s just RIGHT THERE.

It might be smaller, it may not be quite as much money – but there’s HEAPS MORE OF IT… and it’s easier to get.

What’s more – don’t forget the JAM.


All the time you’re out chasing the high hanging fruit, you’re missing and treading on the JAM. The many, many opportunities right under your feet.

JAM is readily available. Ask yourself:

• Are you currently breaking even?

• Are you making more than enough each month to cover expenses?


Then maybe you’re trying to get to the BIG fruit while ignoring the lower hanging fruit and the JAM.

Take care of your Jam. Take care of your low hanging fruit. IGNORE the high hanging fruit and your business will take care of itself.

Lets us know what you think of High hanging versus Low hanging fruit and Jam below.

Til next time