How To Avoid Life’s Biggest Regrets

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A disturbing question…but an interesting one.

Have you ever wondered, when you get to a certain age in life where you might start to ‘look back on life’ that someone may ask you.. ‘What are your regrets?’

What do you think your answer will be?

  • I should have worked more, worked harder.
  • I should have spent less time with the family.
  • I wish I’d had a bigger house.
  • I shouldn’t have taken those holidays.


Take a look at this week’s video to check out some eye opening research that’s been done by a mate of mine, Alex, for his book…

So, what can we learn from our elders when it comes to regrets?

  • I wish I had helped more people
  • I wish I was more real
  • I wish I didn’t work so hard.

Fascinating isn’t it?… These people didn’t regret the lack of big flashy cars, that they didn’t have a big house, or that they hadn’t spent more time at the office…What they really regretted was

  • Not focusing on other people and helping them (versus thinking of themselves).
  • Not DOING want they wanted in life, BEING who they wanted in life. And FEARING what others thought of them.
  • And, working – working hard in a job each day that they didn’t enjoy.

Three quarters of our life these days is spent at WORK. It’s a huge part of our life and is made a whole lot more enjoyable if you can find a job or career you love.

I’m not saying it’s easy. It takes focus, clarity, time and thought on what fulfills you, what you want to earn and of course, who or how you want to help…

This is a really interesting subject to think on and one I’d LOVE to know your comments below on…


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