Operate From Your Genius

Andrew Roberts Business, Mindset 8 Comments

When you think of the word Genius, what do you think of?

I know when I first heard that word I thought of Albert Einstein, Mozart or other people who had achieved amazing things and been labelled Genius.

But I’ve come to realise that every person in the world – including you (yes – even YOU) is a Genius.

My eyes have been opened – EVERYONE has Genius in them…

But hey, before we go on, check out the unique way the Duck, the Possum and the Fox found their Genius in this week’s video…


The Law of Averages…. It has an awful lot to answer for, doesn’t it?!

Look back at school; go all the way back there.

The Genius ones, they were Dux (no pun intended) of the school, or those students who excelled academically….

You might have been extraordinary at sport, brilliant at art or music or a fantastic communicator in drama. All Genius.

See, WE ARE ALL GENIUS. You just need to tap into it.

WHAT I DO BEST and get RID of the rest. Do what YOU DO BEST and GET RID OF THE REST.

Letting go of the ‘rest’. The struggling, the fear, the ‘too hard’ enables you to spend your time in your genius, doing what you truly love.

And This Is Important  – and just AS important with work.

  • When you’re doing work you don’t enjoy, you give off a negative energy and you’re in a place of non-gratitude.
  • When you focus on what you love, more often than not, you give off amazing positive energy.
  • When you give off positive energy more GOOD comes into your life.

This is The Power of Playing in Your Genius.

Focus on what you do BEST and get RID of the REST, because YOU really are a Genius.

Share below how you do your best and have gotten rid of the rest. I’d love you to share what positive energy and influences have come into your life when you play in your Genius…

Til next time,