Corporate Versus Lifestyle

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5 years ago, I was running a company and had 25 staff working for me. We were clearing close to $3m per annum. But I knew, my entire BEING knew, this model wasn’t for me.

But what was the answer? What did I need to do to find what I was searching for?

Being asked a simple, yet profound question was the start…

What would you rather be doing? Sitting on a beach creating content and coming up with new ideas or sitting in an office, leading and motivating staff?

I knew my answer, and it wasn’t what I was doing at that time.

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Fast forward not too far in the future and I had moved into a space of creating, simplifying – and if you will – moved from a Corporate Business to a Lifestyle Business.

And you know what? The choice was MINE.

When you’re doing something you don’t enjoy, or that’s not ‘you’ – you know it.

So, the decision is yours.

Do you want to create the big, Corporate Business? – and it’s ok if you do – or do you want to leverage off a smaller team, more content focused, working from wherever you want and travelling when you want i.e. the Lifestyle Business?

I’d love to know below, what your preference is, or even, what it is you’re doing right now…

Remember: Clarity = Power

When you’re in that zone – things come to you, rather than you chasing them.


Til next time,