The Happy Beggar

Andrew Roberts Mindset, Philosophy 3 Comments

A few years ago I was travelling in Central America, when I witnessed an interesting situation.

I could write out a long blog about it – but take a look at this week’s video. Maybe you have experienced similar…


I truly believe the happy, smiling faces and the bouncing joy of these 2 boys was what assured their success.

Think on it – who are you more drawn to?

Someone who is enjoying themselves, are happy, has a smile, or someone who is drawn, down and miserable?

We want what we are attracted to:

Even when we are running our businesses – what are we attracting when we are feeling down, sad and sorry and things aren’t working – versus happy, passionate and motivated?

  • We need to stop and think on this and keep it ever present…
  • What type of customer / client do we want to attract?
  • What do we want to attract?

A powerful lesson.

Remember the story of the Happy Beggar. Maybe you have witnessed something similar and can share in comments below – we’d love to hear from you.


Til next time,