Please Help…

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Hands up, those of you who have ever sent an email to the wrong person? Maybe you’ve accidently hit SEND on an email (meant for someone else) to your boss…or even hit REPLY ALL in a heated response…

OR, like me – you sent an email meant for 10 close friends to 6,000 people…

Little did I know when I hit the SEND button on that email, only meant for around 10 people, that it had actually been sent to yep – 6,000!!

My stomach sank. My heart sank. WHAT HAD I DONE!?!

Ever been there?

Well check out in this week’s video for what happened next…



Amazingly – my world and business didn’t come crashing down around my ears.

IN FACT, this pretty major stuff-up turned out to be one of the BEST ‘mistakes’ I’d ever made.

1 email, 2 small words… PLEASE HELP.

By end of day one we had close to 700 replies. By end of day two, this had grown to 2,000!

All of these replies from people following us – offering their suggestions.

How extraordinary!


I stopped and thought – WOW so many people like to be asked for HELP.

But none of us ASK for help enough… we’re all so nervous to do so!

(and I am certainly one of the worst culprits!)


Maybe you’ve asked your team. Maybe you’ve asked your mates or neighbours.

But HOW MANY of us have actually asked our clients, members or customers?


The feedback we received was amazing. The rapport we built – invaluable.

In fact, the response rate for future emails improved too…

So, try it – see if you can come up with something you can directly ask your community, database or team FOR HELP with … you might just be surprised.

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Til next time,