Be Different

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What do you do, to stand out from the crowd? To be completely different? …

Anything? Nothing?

I wouldn’t hesitate to say it’d be nothing, or very little.

And look, you’re not doing anything wrong. You’re being normal. Or, rather you’re being the ‘normal’ society wants us to be.

Similarly, I used to be the same – then I started wearing green hair.

What? Why?

Well watch this week’s video for more….

Are you guilty of judging? Judging anyone that stands outside ‘the norm’?

I think we’re all guilty of it at one time or another.

But I’ve learned that this is the exact thing you need to be – DIFFERENT in order to be OUTSTANDING

Think about it.

There is so much NOISE going on in the market place, so much stuff happening, that if you’re not prepared to wear ‘green hair’ to stand out, to BE DIFFERENT  – how on earth are you going to get your market’s attention, attract followers or inspire people?

It’s an interesting dilemma.

I’ll tell you what stops most people doing it.

1. Youth and Immaturity

2. Fear. Exiting your comfort zone, and being criticized by your peers.

The # 1 Fear People Have? The FEAR of what other people think of you.

There is a rather profound saying that should belie this… 

‘What Other People Think Of Me, Is Not My Business’

True Friends, True Family support you going out on a limb.

The others? They’re not worth it.

So – what now then Andrew?



Do some crazy stuff

Get out there, make some noise and share with me in the comments section below – how you go wearing green hair.


Til next time