7 Power affirmations to reprogram your mind

In this video …

  • Why you could benefit from affirmations
  • 7 power affirmations that Andrew uses daily
  • How these can be used to reprogram your mind

About Andrew Roberts

Andrew is well known as one of Australia’s leading business mentors, is a Strategic Business specialist, and has been known to work his own magic with a host of companies featured in various Top 100 BRW lists. Andrew has gone from running one of the largest business coaching companies in Australia to focusing on specialists and leaders of various industries.

  • Thanks for sharing Andrew. I completely agree with you. I journal every morning beginning with the words ‘I’m so happy and grateful that….’ – I’ve honestly found that the things i’ve envisioned and focussed on have materialised. A few years ago I never would have dreamed the life I have now was possible.

    • Andrew roberts

      Thanks simone. I agree with the journal.

  • Chris

    I applaude your confidence and courage in promoting such positive rituals andrew. Interesting and powerful yes. Spiritual journey a cracking topic. Good on you fella.

    • Andrew roberts

      Thanks chris

  • Carly

    Being introduced to these principles over 10 years ago began a slow progression toward taking charge of the messages that I was feeding myself. The I AM of our lives I agree has tremendous power as it formulates (subconsciously) after consciously announcing it to ourselves. It reminds me that we are the Creators in the moment. Always in the moment with whomever we work with or share our lives with. It is wonderful to know that the Universe is for You and so who can be against you? The Positive I AM is a highly suggestive and creative field from which to grow your life!
    Thanks for reaffirming.

    • Andrew roberts

      Your welcome Carly. Thanks for sharing

  • MN

    Thank you for the inspiring affirmations and for how you have expressed them Andrew. As a result I have created my new ones as stated below with the intention of following them for 30 days.. and then another 30 days…and eventually do this as my daily ritual…

    1. I am a confident and witty genius and I apply my wisdom everyday.
    2. I am loved and supported by the universe.
    3. I am a powerful spiritual being having a physical experience.
    4. I am at peace with the world around me and the world is at peace with me.
    5. I look and feel healthier and younger everyday.
    6. I love and accept myself just as I am and others me treat me this way as well.
    7. I am doing exceptionally well at work and love what I do and am greatly rewarded in every way.
    8. I attract exactly what I need effortlessly and I have the ability to create and achieve whatever I desire.
    9. I have total clarity in my thoughts and in everything I choose to do.
    10. I attract and retain an abundance of money in my life effortlessly and ethically and I am financially very secure.
    11. I attract my ideal life partner and we are very happy and really complement each other and we love, honour and respect each other in every way.

    • Andrew roberts

      Awesome affirmations. Thanks for sharing these.

  • Ingrid Bothma

    Hi Andrew! It is a pleasure to listen to you! I am! always surprised, that you bring something, what I have just recently felt, I should add to have a more positive frame of mind! Thank you, most of all, that you always share all these wonderful experiences, in this case affirmations! As you do, you transform our lives and in turn we will pass it on, as it will do something good to us and we cannot wait to help somebody else! I am excited!
    You have done it again! By the way, GOD starts by saying in the Word of GOD: “I am the Great I am” So it is wonderful to go out and also affirm to ourselves, that “I am made in HIS perfect image!” That means: “I am a spiritual being, having a physical experience”.
    Or “I love and accept myself as I am”!
    Be blessed in your very unique business changing the mind of many people! South African greetings, Jngrid B.

    • Andrew roberts

      Thanks for sharing this ingrid. I really appreciate it.

  • Jack

    Here’s one more that I find helpful …
    * A river of compassion washes away my anger and replaces it with love.

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