Andrew Roberts

About Andrew Roberts


I am committed to helping business owners run an extraordinary business and lead an extraordinary life.

I have a mission to ensure you work on the 5 pillars of life including:-

  1. Your Business
  2. Your Health
  3. Your Relationships
  4. Your Finances
  5. Your Spirituality

If one these is ‘off’ then they can affect all others.

I have a range of ways I can help you:-

  1. 1 to 1 mentoring
  2. Live Workshops
  3. Online courses
  4. My blog
  5. My Pod cast

If you are interested in my 1 to 1 mentoring, please complete the contact form.

I can determine within 20 minutes if I can help you or not.

AND – if we do work together – and you don’t get value, you don’t pay.

I have achieved the following:-

  • Built and sold 2 million dollar companies
  • Authored the book ‘What the hell are you chasing”
  • Created the international course called ‘Flip Your Life’
  • Created the course called “Identifying your mission”
  • Created the course ‘How to Webinar – using webinars to generate leads and make sales”
  • Co-host of the popular Pod Cast called ‘Business Flow Show”

Here are a few results I have had in the past:-

Will Davies. worked with Will for 5 years as he built his mortgage broking business Scope Lending from a team of one (himself) to a team of 19. Will ended up selling Scope for $1.5M dollars. He went on to co-found Car Next Door – a peer to peer car sharing platform and recently raised $2.7m from Caltex valuing Car Next Door at $12.5M.

Mark Capelin. Andrew mentored Mark who built one of the largest personal training studios in Australia. Mark then purchased another studio. He then sold both. Using the knowledge from mentoring, Mark then founded Tribe Social Fitness that went to become the fastest growing personal training studio and gym in Australia. It now runs at over 1000 members.

Sam Bowden. Previously a vet, Sam engaged Andrew to help him create a buyers group, marketing model to help vets. With Andrew, Sam grew this to a company that nets over $1m each year. Sam works 3 days a week and has 2 team members.

Creel Price. Andrew and Creel both founded Accelerate Global – a business mentoring company. Creel sold Blueprint Management group for $110m, and saw the skills Andrew had in the mentoring space and partnered with him to launch this global business.

Siimon Reynolds. Andrew engaged Siimon as his mentor, and soon Siimon saw the depth of knowledge Andrew had. Andrew ended up heading up the coaching and mentoring division for the fortune institute Andrew was instrumental in getting this business to 100 clients and allowing their clients to obtain outstanding results through his mentoring knowledge.

Brad Sugars. Andrew was engaged by Brad Sugars to teach him all about selling via webinars. Webinars have become a major marketing tool to help Brad expand his reach internationally.

Marshal Thurber. Andrew trained Marshal Thurber (mentor to Anthony Robins, Robert Kiyosaki and many others) how to use webinars to grow his business. Marshal believes Andrew’s knowledge on group selling is one of the most exciting methods of leverage he has seen.

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