Meet Andrew Roberts.

The son of a New England wool grower, Andrew is well known as one of Australia’s leading business mentors, is a Strategic Business specialist, and has been known to work his own magic with a host of companies featured in various Business Review Weekly Top 100 lists.

Andrew has gone from running one of the largest business coaching companies in Australia to focusing on specialists and leaders of various industries.

Some know Andrew as the author of the book ‘What The Hell Are You Chasing?
Others may know him for the ‘Flip Your Life’ online course he created that fills in the important gaps they forgot to teach you at school and University.

Andrew believes in balance and encourages the people he works with to stop chasing stuff they don’t want, to stop trying to impress people they don’t even like and to live life as a ‘fulfillionaire’; someone who is rich in every area of life.

His training on helping business owners complete their year before it has started is regarded by many as the most engaging and productive series of presentations they have ever heard. His tools to help you walk away with an Action plan that will assist you make more money, gain more meaning, and achieve more freedom are a revelation.

Andrew’s mission is to help you understand that business is a game and a tool to help you achieve your personal goals.


Our Core Values.

Our core values remind us to why we do what we do. Our values meaningfully connect us and help shape our decisions and actions.

  • Connector.


    • Always look for the latest ways to achieve success
    • Work smarter and not harder
    • Your greatest success is often 3 degrees away from where you are looking
    • Think outside the box – the solution is there if you keep looking

  • Connector.


    • Results come outside a comfort zone, so help them leave their comfort zone
    • If are too Nice – Nothing Inside Me Cares Enough
    • Push our clients to their limits…but not further
    • Be assertive, results are what matter in the end

  • Connector.


    • Care for the famers we serve
    • Meet them where they are at, not where we are at
    • Take time to understand their real issues and what might be causing it

  • Connector.


    • Our members want to be shown and lead
    • Step up and lead
    • Create an environment that farmers want to be part of

  • Connector.


    • Helping people is inspiring, lets remember this is what we do
    • Love your work
    • Bring excitement and enthusiasm for what you do
    • Work with clients who share this same passion

3 Ways We Can Help You Grow Your Business.

1-On-1 Mentoring

Andrew works with 6 clients at any one time in his signature program that uses his proven system that he uses to get you to the next level.



Join business and motivation expert Andrew and meditation & mindfulness teacher Sunny and learn the most powerful mindset and productivity tool: The Mindful Morning!


Blog & Podcast.

Keep up to date as Andrew shares his latest thoughts and insights into business development strategies and techniques


Contact Us.

Wish to speak with Andrew personally? You can contact us directly using the details below, alternatively, please fill in the contact form and hit ‘Send’ and we’ll be in touch within 2-3 business days.


Office Hours: Mon – Fri 9:00am – 5:00pm