How To Achieve An 80% Conversion Rate With Sales

Let’s face it – making sales is tough.

When I started out as a coach – I REALLY sucked at making sales. In my first few months, I did 40 meetings and got 40 NO THANK YOUs. I was investing a huge amount of time and money and getting absolutely NO RESULTS.

WHY – because I was not asking for a DECISION – a YES or a NO.

To start with, I was filled with anxiety – because this is the hardest part – holding someone in a space to make a decision. I had to conquer my fear of rejection in order to succeed at SALES.

I learnt how to FRAME my conversations and let the prospect know right at the beginning of my call or meeting that I was going to be asking them for a decision. You need confidence in yourself – learn to live with the percentage of people that don’t want your service or product – and ask for a decision – it is a simple as YES nor NO.

I guarantee if you master this technique, your sales will soar.

See you soon


About Andrew Roberts

Andrew is well known as one of Australia’s leading business mentors, is a Strategic Business specialist, and has been known to work his own magic with a host of companies featured in various Top 100 BRW lists. Andrew has gone from running one of the largest business coaching companies in Australia to focusing on specialists and leaders of various industries.

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