Specific Information On How I Ran A Webinar To 15 People, Where 12 Bought An $18k Program

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Webinars work!

They are still the most effective strategy that I know to help you market and sell.

I love experimenting with them.

In this (8 min) video, I teach how I ran a 60-minute video and made 12 sales of an $18k program.

AND there were just 15 people on the webinar. That’s an 80% conversation!

Let me know in the comments below, what you got out of this weeks video.  


Andrew Roberts

P.S. This 60-minute webinar brought in $216k in revenue over the next 12 months.

How To Achieve An 80% Conversion Rate With Sales

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Let’s face it – making sales is tough.

When I started out as a coach – I REALLY sucked at making sales. In my first few months, I did 40 meetings and got 40 NO THANK YOUs. I was investing a huge amount of time and money and getting absolutely NO RESULTS.

WHY – because I was not asking for a DECISION – a YES or a NO.

To start with, I was filled with anxiety – because this is the hardest part – holding someone in a space to make a decision. I had to conquer my fear of rejection in order to succeed at SALES.

I learnt how to FRAME my conversations and let the prospect know right at the beginning of my call or meeting that I was going to be asking them for a decision. You need confidence in yourself – learn to live with the percentage of people that don’t want your service or product – and ask for a decision – it is a simple as YES nor NO.

I guarantee if you master this technique, your sales will soar.

See you soon


The Power Of Investing In Yourself

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Business owners at the top of their game are usually the ones investing in themselves with Mentors – spending time and money learning from the experts is the key to success.

INVESTMENT means you get a return.

It is not a COST if you pay the money to get the skills and knowledge to succeed.

STOP and ask yourself what skills do you need to invest in – is it sales, marketing, Facebook?

Be humble enough to acknowledge where you need assistance.

Invest with the right mentors in the areas where you lack expertise and you will catapult your business forward.

Invest in yourself and success will follow.

See you soon


Do you charge what you’re worth?

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Do you charge what your worth?

What I find is the more experienced you become, the better and quicker you are at doing things.

You are SO close to what you do – that you can’t see the value you provide.

And as a result – you more than likely price sabotage.

There is more than likely significant opportunity for you to charge more money and take the time to watch this video to learn how you can do it

This lesson addressing this issue and will help you charge what you are worth.

See you next time,

Andrew Roberts

p.s When you believe you are worth more, people are ok paying it!!!

A Simple Yet Powerful Marketing Tip

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Writing a letter to your Cousin George – a powerful marketing lesson taught to me by Ben Simkin from BusinessNet.

If you want to shake up your marketing strategies – try this simple technique.

Look at your target customer and then pretend he is your long lost cousin George.

Then pen a personal letter to him, letting him know that you are aware of his frustrations and challenges, you know how he is feeling and let him know how you can help.

If you are like me – you are in business to add value and help people.

Don’t fall into the old “Marketing Role and Sell” but write from your heart.

Your emails, sales page, and website should all be personal – keep corresponding like you are writing to your cousin George.

CONNECT with your customer and watch how this style of MARKETING will improve your business.

See you next time,


Are You Too Desperate?

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Sometimes wanting what you can not have so desperately can actually push your goal further away.

If you are too desperate – people are turned off.

Are you projecting the correct energy?

If you FOCUS on being HAPPY, CONTENT and JOYFUL and assume you have already achieved your goal – you will activate your positive energy and flow.

ACT as if you have you have what you want and watch your goal manifest into reality.

See you soon


The Best Business Exercise You Will Ever Do!

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Everyone of us desires more time to do more in our week – we are so busy and sometimes there is simply not enough time in the week to get stuff done.

Way more powerful that a TO DO LIST, is a NOT TO DO LIST.

Sound strange?

What you need to do is have 2 sheets of paper – one marked PERSONAL and one marked BUSINESS.

Then you write down EVERYTHING you do in a day, week, month and year – EVERYTHING!

Once you have the list, grab a GREEN PEN and hang onto the tasks you need to do.

Then get an ORANGE PEN and mark the tasks that you may be able to DELEGATE.

The take a RED PEN and highlight what you SHOULD NOT DO.

Then DELEGATE the RED and start to re-access the ORANGE.

As an ENTREPRENEUR you will never get rich cleaning the house and doing the filing.

OUTSOURCE the lower level tasks and WORK ON THE HIGHER LEVEL TASKS that will take your business where you want to go.

And ENJOY the extra 10 hours a week that will magically appear.


See you soon


Business Skills

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Many people have amazing business skills but still run a business that I would never invest in!


SIMPLE – your business model is NOT APPROPRIATE inntoday’s modern world!!

In this video, I will teach you that sometimes you need education to change DIRECTION, instead of MOTIVATION to speed up.

Your greatest success is often 3 degrees to the left or right of where you are currently at.

See you soon


P.S. Some of you have the business skills, but will lack results because of an incorrect business model.

Falling In Love – With The PROCESS

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When you fall in love with the PROCESS and not the DESTINATION – you will enjoy the entire journey called LIFE.

Many of us at some stage, have dreamt about becoming a ROCKSTAR!

But how many of us would commit to the late nights playing in seedy bars, lugging equipment, sleeping on planes, busses and trains to get to the next gig?  The fascination soon fades – unless you are absolutely PASSIONATE about becoming a rock star.  The performance is the glory moment – but the process can be blood, sweat and tears.

So when you are building your BUSINESS, your goals are super important, but unless you have a passion for the process and journey to reach your goals, you will not get full enjoyment in the life you DESERVE.

See you soon,


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