What happens when you measure your sales daily

Selling is the life blood of any business – if you are not selling, you are not growing – so therefore you are dying!

If you are experiencing a CASH FLOW CHALLENGE – sell your way out of it!


1.. You need an interested party
2.. You need to have a conversation
3.. You need to invite them to buy your product or service.


What would happen if you measured your daily calls/leads and sales?

What would happen if you measured your daily sales against a KPI for growth?

Are you really focusing on your sales?

It is the most critical skill in your business, you need to measure it daily and your business will FLY!

Kind regards and much success,

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About Andrew Roberts

Andrew is well known as one of Australia’s leading business mentors, is a Strategic Business specialist, and has been known to work his own magic with a host of companies featured in various Top 100 BRW lists. Andrew has gone from running one of the largest business coaching companies in Australia to focusing on specialists and leaders of various industries.

  • Heléna Kurçab

    Loved the content of the video, Andrew. Thanks for the great reminder. So easy to get caught up in all the other stuff. Just one negative (sorry) I have to say I didn’t like the background music. In fact, I suffered through it only because I was so interested in what you were saying. :-)s

  • Andrew Roberts

    Great commend and thanks for sharing Helena. I am gong to fix this in the very near future. Thanks for the post

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