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The Fway Mastermind:
Learn The 5 Key Strategies You Need To Add $500,000 Net Profit To Your Business...Using Only A Small Team...Working From Anywhere In The World

My name is Andrew Roberts

My Fway mastermind is designed to ensure you implement the five key strategies you need to re-engineer your business model so you can easily add a minimum of $500k net profit..with a small team..working from anywhere in the world. Until you learn how to re-engineer the way you do'll always be a slave to your business.

Watch the video to learn how my clients sky rocked their success:
If you answer yes to any of the following, the fway mastermind could be the solution for you
  • You are working longer hours than you want to?
  • Your profit margins are getting eaten up with increasing overheads?
  • Your staff take a lot of your time to manage… yet don’t always give you the return you need want?You get frustrated dealing with the daily issues of managing a team and running a traditional business
  • Your business is a source of stressful frustration?
  • Your solution to any of the previous situations is to work harder and longer… or throw more money at the problem in order to solve it?
You see - I can do something no one else can do:-
I can help you re-enginner your business so you can....
  •  Create an extra $500,000 to $1,000,000 net profit in your business
  • Working with the team of less than four
  • Running your business from anywhere in the worldYour business is a source of stressful frustration?
  • Your solution to any of the previous situations is to work harder and longer… or throw more money at the problem in order to solve it?

Well – I’ve been mentoring business owners now for 15 years, and I can tell you...


When I met Sam,  he had the drive and the ambition to succeed, but found it hard to create what he was capable of in his current business.  He was a vet owner. He had a big team, large monthly overheads and he had to make a lot of money to just cover his expenses. 

He was stressed and to be honest – he was over it.

Sam went into business to experience more freedom, more fulfilment but if anything – he had LESS of these two things.

Sam new that he needed education to change direction INSTEAD of motivation to speed up.

Sam was frustrated and had a huge desire to get ahead.  He knew he was capable – but was thinking that maybe he had chosen the wrong path to reach his goals.

When I started working with Sam, I opened him up to a whole new world. I showed him how to package what he knows, and sell it back to the veterinary industry.  Not only that – we built this new business in a way that he completely stopped trading time for money, and thus the sky is the limit to how large he can take it – and scaling his company he doesn’t need to keep adding team members.

12 months later the business makes $85k every month and then doubled again in the following 12 months. The business operates with a very small team, and Sam can run it from anywhere in the world.  His over heads are low and he works just 4 days per week – with a net profit over $1 million every year.

And here is what I can tell you, that the fastest way to make that jump – is to implement a way of business I call

"The Fway"

And it will allow you to build your business around your life NOT your life around your business.

Troy Parsons - The Podiatrist

Troy packaged his knowledge on how to run a successful podiatrist practice and targeted the podiatry industry with a membership based program.

"We added 200 members in 12 months of working with Andrew - and grew our business by $60k a month after just 2 months."

Gary Turnbull - Lincoln Institute

Gary packaged his outstanding leadership skills into a product which he sells to different niche industries.

"We went from $15k a month to $60k a month in our first 12 months with Andrew."

Greg Johnson - Sheep Owner Academy

Vet Greg packaged his knowledge about running a successful sheep operation and offers a membership based program in the sheep industry. 

"I’ve been in business for 25 years, and working in Andrews mastermind I took my Vet Practice from $700k to over $2m (18 months). Additionally I launched the Sheep Owners and after 6 months it is bringing in over $300k in revenue each year.  I am also 90% free from the day to day operations of my vet practice."

Sam Bowden - United Vets Group

Vet Sam packaged his knowledge and now helps other vets to run their practice more successful.

"After 18 months with Andrew, we are on track to have a net profit of over $1m a year – it was more growth than I have ever experienced, and I have a team of 3 – working 3-4 days a week."

Steve Grant - Gym Hub

“I was trying to sell my business for 18 months, when I started working with Andrew. Within 3 months I sold it for $50k more than I was originally hoping to, and I am now running a business serving Gym owners – and I have a plan to turn it into a very successful lifestyle business.”

Matt Malouf - The Fortune Institute

"After 12 months, I am billing over $30k a month (from starting up) – and the first step of the program changed everything for me."

Stuart Wemyss - Broker Revolution
and Prosolution

"I am a mortgage broker and Andrew helped me create and sell a program back to the other mortgage brokers, which soon got this new income (on top of my mortgage income) to over $20k per month."

You see – you may have been mis-lead.  Most traditional business require HUGE start up costs, large overheads, big teams and low margins.  And the trouble is that this method stops you leading the life you deserve.  A life full of fun, freedom and fulfilment (hence the Fway).

  • You become trapped and can easily become a slave to your business 
  • You work your butt off and  your staff might even make more than you do 
  • You work so hard, that you sacrifice your health and family time 
And find yourself constantly in a state of Overwhelm, Feeling Stuck AND frustrated

And ALL the other coaches and mentors are trying to sell you their programs which are designed to grow your current business which just makes the problem WORSE...

Because you DON’T need motivation to speed up – YOU NEED EDUCATION TO CHANGE DIRECTION.

And this is exactly what I create the Fway mastermind program. 

Get in touch to see if the Fway program works for you and book a complimentary 10 minute phone call with me.

I want to have a look at your current business model, your life and what you want – to see if there is an opportunity like Sam to have a smarter, easier business – where can work form anywhere  - serving people around the world.  Where you can start tapping into what you are capable of.

Jeremy Hutchings - Summit Club
"We ran 2 workshops, and I signed up over 10 clients – bringing in $250k in new income in my first year."
Andrew Krauksts - The Home Loan Advisory
“Andrew helped me build a side product on my existing mortgage broking business. We did over $200k in new sales. He is amazing at helping you find the hidden opportunity and then apply energy to that which is far easier than growing your existing business.”
Michael Choi - Leading Business Solution
"I believe Andrew is a very gifted mentor and has the ability to scale your business for you and give clarity and focus where needed."
How The Fway Helps You Experience Significant Results In 12 Months

Once you join the mastermind, we focus you on 5 key areas:-

1. Clarity - Where exactly are you going. The more clarity you have, the you will get achieved.  You will get more done in the first 90 days of joining in the past 12 months.

2. Energy - We help you achieve PEAK performance and provide you with unique methods to ensure you triple your energy which makes you considerably more effective.

3. Productivity - You will find the 20% of activities you need to focus on - and then be shown how you can hold all of your energy on this.  You will be more focused than you ever have before.

4. Marketing And Sales - We will show you how to package your offer to bring you more relevance, uniqueness and credibility - so you create a marketing funnel that brings you consistent leads.  We will also show you how you can automate your sales process to bring predictable sales

5. Scale - You can't scale trading time for money. Our objective is for you find a product or service that you can scale so you don'y have to work harder to generate more profit.

The Fway is for people who want to:-
  • Set up a business with very low overheads
  • Run a business with a small team
  • Run a business where can work from anywhere - and you are not restricted where you can sell
    (you can access a global market place using the internet)
  • Learn how to package information and sell it
  • Potentially set up and run mastermind programs
  • Package your expertise and create a scalable product – that you build once and sell over and over
  • Build a modern business utilizing automation and technology already available
  • Have a desire to profit over $250k every year from doing this
  • Are comfortable investing at least $1000 a month into sales and marketing
Here's What People Are Saying
“I joined a mastermind with Andrew Roberts and 12 other business people, and had one of the most successful 12 months of my life. I grew my vet practice from $900K to $2 million in 18 months. I launched a new business helping sheep farmers, and with Andrews assistance, we filled a 2 day workshop with 37 sheep business owners and ended up making more than $300k in sales from that workshop alone. I am now running the business of my dreams and have the potential to turn this into a multi million dollar company. I highly recommend Andrew Roberts – he has shifted my focus and I have great clarity – and I am very happy and relaxed."
Greg Johnson - Sheep Owner Academy
” I have known Andrew Roberts for over three years and I am always blown away by his infectious enthusiasm for helping business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their goals. I have met numerous accomplished entrepreneurs that can’t speak highly enough of Andrew’s work and attribute much of their growth to his knowledge and inspiration.”

Creel sold Blueprint Management Group for $110 million and is now founder and chairman of the Club Kidpreneur foundation.

Creel Price - Entreprenaissance Movement
"I have worked with Andrew to increase my business turnover from $30K per month to over $300K per month. We worked together on lead generation, one to one sales and workshop selling. I believe Andrew is a very gifted mentor and has the ability to scale your business for you and give clarity and focus where needed."
Michael Choi - Leading Business Solutions
"Andrew has helped me change my mindset in the past 12 months and that has lead to me positioning myself very strongly in the market place as a Mortgage Broker. He has opened me up to the world of marketing. Andrew’s mentoring keeps me very focused and this year, I see our business doubling in size again. I highly recommend Andrew Roberts."
Alycia Inglis - ‎Stoneturn
If you go through what I teach and implement everything I show you, you will be making more profit, closing more sales and generating more leads than ever before. You will experience a massive boost of energy and drive to hit your goals while being in balance and content.

  • Master creating a program/product that you can scale
  • Reach 500k profit plus a year by monetising your expertise and selling online to a global audience in the next 12-36 months
  • Take complete control of your marketing and business destiny
  • Experience a massive boost of energy and drive to hit your goals while being in balance and content
  • Feel fulfilled with the added income you will make and the simplicity of the business model we will show you
1. Regular online 1 to 1 and group calls - to remove your issues and get you imediage results
2. Access to a members area and high level training – helping you master the 20% of information that will bring you 80% of your results
3. A closed group where you can ask anything you want 
4. Live events where we mastermind your business and you learn from Andrew and his team of experts
The Ultimate Webinar Selling System
I am also one of the worlds best teachers at helping people structure a webinar to use this as a sales tool. At the end of this training, you will be able to create and run a world class webinar that has the ability to help you make over $10k in sales in 60 minutes. 
“Andrew Roberts has helped take our business, The Lincoln Institute from $15k per month to over $60K per month in the past year. He has helped us enormously in the areas of Focus, One on One Sales, Webinar Sales, Workshop Sales and Packaging our product offering. His program is an absolute Game Changer."
Gary Turnbull - Lincoln Institute 
“Andrew’s productivity systems are better than anything else that I have ever seen in the world.”  

Siimon built the Photon Group to 6000 staff where it was valued over $500m on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Siimon Reynolds - The Fortune Institute 
“Andrews program helped me get my current business down 
to 12 hours per week. I then launched a side business selling 
my expertise in within 12 months, it was making over $60k a month”
Troy Parsons - The Podiatrist
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