Overcoming Stress And The Central Nervous System

By August 21, 2012 Philosophy 4 Comments

Our central nervous system is the most important part of our body.  Why?

    • It integrates information it receives from every part of our body
    • It co-ordinates the activity of every part of our body

The wellbeing of our central nervous system is therefore pivotal to our mental, emotional and physical health.

How Does Stress Effect Your Life?

Our central nervous system is fighting fit when we are born.  As babies we are present, we live in the moment and we do everything according to instinct.  However, as we move through life, we usually start to let stressful situations create doubt, fear and anxiety in our minds.

Unfortunately, these experiences stick to our central nervous system, attaching themselves like pegs to a clothesline.  Perhaps someone cuts you off in traffic.  Maybe your mobile phone stops working. We allow simple events like these to effect us in a negative way.  This in turn puts mental, emotional and physical stress on every part of our body.

I believe these stresses are the primary source of the majority of illnesses and sicknesses

Breaking Down Disease

If you break down disease, it comprises two parts – ‘dis’ and ‘ease’ – that is, ‘not at ease.’   The Flip Your Life Program is all about helping people eradicate this ‘dis’ ‘ease’ from their lives; it’s about giving people the tools to cleanse and self manage their central nervous system.

Applying the 7 Disciplines taught in the Flip Your Life Program, like Buddha, you will learn how to control your mind and your emotions so ‘the magic’ can enter your life.

The Seven Disciplines To Finding Flow And Overcoming Stress

In my free video series, I explain the the 7 discipline to finding flow in depth, but here they are in a nutshell.

  1. Gratitude
  2. Affirmations
  3. Recording evidence
  4. Journaling
  5. Meditation
  6. Nature
  7. Slow down and simplify

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  • Robert Standish-White

    Quite so Andrew, and modern life does not seem to have any remedy apart from “get some more” of something.
    Another image could be that of a boat, initially slipping cleanly through the water. Stresses, however, become attached like barnacles, weed and other organisms, slowing the boat until it struggles to make any progress, and becomes vulnerable to heavy seas (like infection). A good careening like the “7 Disciplines” should scrape off the crud and leave you empowered to make a clean slice through those waves again.

  • Elizabeth Peterson

    Stress is one of the major things that doctors in Oncology tell their cancer patients.

    1. Watch diet
    2. watch for environmental triggers
    3. take your meds, and please,
    4. stay away from stress.

    It takes the immune system way down. I firmly know this to be true.

  • Sharon Neech

    I do have a lot of potential stresses occurring at present with a very sick Father now with dementia, and a recent break up of a good friend, but after watching this last night I caught myself ‘adding pegs’ as I pegged out the washing (seriously!) pulled myself up. Thank you, I really like the analogy 🙂

  • mary

    not sure it’s possible to attain ….stress is a part of life, if you have none, you’re dead….

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