The people you meet in Hotel bars…..

I was having a drink at a Bar at the Mecure Hotel in Baltimore 2 days ago, and met one of the most fascinating people I have ever met……

The reason I was at the Hotel Bar, was because I was attending possibly the greatest marketing course designed, to help business owners get more results……. But the one thing that I took away, that will grow your business quicker than anything else had nothing to do with marketing!!!

In fact, it had such an impact on me that I have struggled to sleep since, particularly after watching the video below from the guy (Frank Kern) that ran the presentation.

Click here to learn what I learned…..

Frank Kern is one of the world’s best internet marketers.  Frank started his talk by telling the audience that you need to stop focusing on making on money!!!!  That’s right – STOP FOCUSING SOLELY ON MAKING MONEY!!!!

When we are focusing on making ends meet and just making money, then this leads to a feeling of un-fulfilment … which leads to stress, frustration and anxiety.  When you have defined your mission you feel alive, excited and determined to make a difference.

This information really hit home for me.  Frank broke things down into 3 simple steps, that when followed will make you all of the money in the world.



It’s really simple isn’t it?

The problem was, I have never sat down and really worked out what my mission is.  I’ve been told to do it so many times, but until now I didn’t really understand the importance of it.  Frank didn’t have much time to explain how to do this, but I was very fortunate to meet one of the world’s most successful business coach’s at the bar that night called Earl Kemper.  Earl has been in business for 20 years.  I asked Earl “What do I need to do to work out my mission”




Earl showed me that I need to answer the following questions:-

  1. Work out my talents and gifts
  2. Work on my purpose
  3. Look at what I am passionate about
  4. Back myself – that things will work out
  5. Define my beliefs
  6. Define my values

After this, Earl showed me this little formula –

  1.  Create a powerful Vision that combines learning’s from the above
  2. Create a clear purpose
  3. Follow course until successful
  4. Focus on positive energy (i.e. energy towards what I want compared to what I don’t want)
  5. Gain control by defining a plan so I know what to do by when.

Last night I sat up for hours working on these questions.  Today I was able to define my mission for the first time in my 9 years of being in business.  THE CLARITY THIS HAS GIVEN ME IS AMAZING.   You know you are on track when you get a feeling of power, excitement and even some fear flash through your soul.

Please take the time to work on your mission.  I know it will help you make a bigger difference on other people’s lives – which will always have an amazing positive impact on yours.

And to summaries the exact way Frank Kern defined it, remember these these three steps:-

  1. Work out who you are going to serve
  2. Do shit towards making this happen
  3. Stop being a pussy

Check out this video of Frank Kern and Tony Robbins.  It’s about point 2 and 3 above

Tony Robbins and Frank Kern

Have a great week,


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  • Anne Marie

    Loved it Andrew. Brilliant video with Frank and Tony. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  • Awesome post Andrew!
    Really good advice. Thanks so much for that!

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