Great Expectations and the 14th Year…

When I started out in business I set myself a huge, hairy, bodacious 5 year goal.

In 5 years time, I would have a multi-million dollar business, an incredibly successful life – and I couldn’t WAIT to make it all happen.

Then I got to the 5th Year.  And guess what? … It hadn’t happened.

Did I panic? (Well, ok yes, at the time – maybe a little bit!) BUT time has taught me so much…

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I’d set myself an expectation that didn’t manifest itself. My confidence took a beating, my self-talk became at times, really negative… and I had fallen into the unfulfilling trap of  ‘shoot for the stars, and at the very least you’ll reach the moon’.

Then I learned an interesting fact…

Most business owners find their success – on average – at Year 14.

The media feeds us stories of huge overnight successes, like Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, or Jack Dorsey and Twitter and all these do is feed our need for comparisons;

Just remember, the first 5 – 10 years in business is nothing but your apprenticeship and that most business owners make more money in Year 14, then the previous 14 years combined!

You might be feeling a bit flat, like you haven’t achieved your expectations. But if you’re under 10 years in business, try to shift your thinking around to  ‘I’m just learning’ … rather than ‘Oh jeez, I need to earn all this money’

You will reap the rewards.

And remember, the BIG MESSAGE here is PATIENCE.

Slow down, enjoy the journey, and if you have gone past 14 years in business, and feel you’ve let yourself down – remember this is an AVERAGE.

There is so much time; if we have patience, slow down, enjoy the journey more – it keeps us in so much more flow.


Have you experienced this?

Placed so many expectations on yourself only to realise you do have time?

We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below…


Til next time,





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  1. Haha, so the truth is it takes on average 14 years to become an overnight success! More coaches need to be reminding business owners of this. Nice work as always 😉

  2. Andrew
    was deleting my old emails that i stored to watch so have finally watched this fantastic video and just want to say thank you. thank god someone is finally talking sense and trying to take the pressure off us poor small business people!!
    Keep up the good work you are doing. well done.
    regards Gemma

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