22 Tips from 7 years of Coaching….

1. Give yourself 4-7 years to be good at Business….Running a business is an amazing journey. It uncovers many insecurities and you attract many clients that will bring out these insecurities. When they are gone, you will attract amazing people and when you attract amazing people your real business journey will begin.

2. Work really hard on your belief system….I don’t care what people say, but morning rituals (affirmations, write gratitude’s, visualize success etc) is the most powerful way to get the results you want. Commit to doing this and commit at least 5 times a week. I don’t believe you deserve to run a business if you don’t commit to working on yourself.

3. Read, and listen to audios, and go to one external course every 3 months. The more skilled you are the better you are – its really simple…

4. Believe you will have great business and you will.

5. Believe you will keep your clients for a long time and you will.

6. Keep fit and healthy – the more energy you have the more you will help your clients – GET ACCOUNTABILITY WITH THIS. It makes it so much easier (speak to me if you want to find out more about this).

7. Do at least one personal challenge each year. Climb a mountain, complete that triathalon. Do something that challenges you. This has a huge impact on the way you lead your business.

8. Remember your values. Make them your bricks; that is don’t put work before other things that you value in your life.

9. Give your clients more than they pay for. If you charge $2k, then deliver at $5k.

10. STOP. You can’t follow your instincts when you are too busy. Get into ‘flow’. It’s a state where we are following our gut. Everything works when we are in this state. We cant find this state when thing are hectic. FOLLOW YOUR GUT

11. Let the book choose you – don’t you choose the book. Go to the book shop and you will know what is the right book for you.

12. Get excited when things go wrong. Never allow yourself to get frustrated or angry as it takes you away from a place of gratitude. Good things are just around the corner. A saying I often remind myself of, if something I don’t like happens is. ‘ it wont last ‘.

13. Share things you come across. The more you give the more you receive. If you come across something that will help others then send it to them – even if its your competitors!!!

14. Celebrate wins big time. Get really excited when you and your clients have a win. This just brings more wins on quickly.

15. Start your day well – get a new alarm clock and bounce out of bed. recognize how lucky you are.

16. Work on your clarity. The clearer you are the easier your journey will be.

17. Increase your circle of influence. Meet one new amazing person EVERY month. I call it lunch with a millionaire.

18. Get rid of news and crap that doesn’t add value to your life.

19. Work on truly liking yourself. I would have laughed at this 5 years ago. Now I believe its some of the best advice I can give. You can’t like anyone else anymore than what you like yourself. Say good things to yourself as often as you possibly can. Your self esteem is everything so keep filling the bucket.

20. Drop the ‘I know’ attitude.

21. Lose the ‘worry’ attitude. It’s a disease if you are worrying. Put things into perspective as fast as possible if you find yourself worrying about stuff. It doesn’t help anyone.

22. HAVE FUN. Love your job. This is just a decision.

Have a great week,


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