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“Extraordinary passion is a symptom of an exceptional mission.” – Robin Sharma


The 2 most important days of our lives are:

  1. The day we were born
  2. The day we found out why we were born

Everyone is born to do something.  Everyone has a purpose.

Our purpose is to serve in someway – to add value to our planet or other human beings.  It’s essential that we search and understand what our mission is.  Some people learn it early in their life.  Others learn it later in life.  Unfortunately many people don’t fully understand what their mission is and sadly lead a life of mediocrity and unfulfillment.

You will live at your full potential when you discover your mission (or what it is you are born to do).

The following diagram illustrates what happens when we create a powerful mission:

If you watch the YouTube video below, you will see the founder of Apple (Steve Jobs) did not have a mission to sell apple computers.

His mission was much bigger than that.  It was to provide a tool to help people change the world.  This is what motivated him.  This is what got him out of bed every day.

So how do you know what your mission is?  How do you tap into it?

Go inwards.  Your intuition and your heart will guide you there.  You just have to listen.

Meditation is one of the best tools to help you.  It would also look back over your life.  Life leaves clues.  Many upsets in our lives are moments to learn the truth.  For example, the person who lost their mother to cancer might end up creating a mission to help other people with cancer.

Often experiences appear in our lives to help us know what our mission is.

Negative events are constantly popping up in our lives to push back onto the course that was lined for us before we were born.

Some great books to help you:

  • ‘Be’ by AC Ping
  • ‘The artists way’ by Julie Cameron
  • ‘What the hell are you chasing’ by Andrew Roberts (moi)

When you discover your purpose, you will become unstoppable.  If you are experiencing demotivation, or procrastination – you simply are not clear on your mission.


Have a great day,


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  1. I’d recommend also the book “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield for your list, too. If you haven’t read it, I highly enjoyed the read. I skipped on reading the final section of the book, I read a bit of it but it wasn’t for me. The rest of it absolutely was.

  2. Very interesting and helpful advice! It is very important to know your purpose before starting to do something. I always like to look back to see what you I’ve done so far so I can maintain my desire to keep working.

  3. I have a problem. When I want to start doing something I feel like I have no motivation. I just want to relax and do nothing. I feel that I’m just being so lazy…
    Can you suggest anything?

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