How To Achieve An 80% Conversion Rate With Sales

Let’s face it – making sales is tough.

When I started out as a coach – I REALLY sucked at making sales. In my first few months, I did 40 meetings and got 40 NO THANK YOUs. I was investing a huge amount of time and money and getting absolutely NO RESULTS.

WHY – because I was not asking for a DECISION – a YES or a NO.

To start with, I was filled with anxiety – because this is the hardest part – holding someone in a space to make a decision. I had to conquer my fear of rejection in order to succeed at SALES.

I learnt how to FRAME my conversations and let the prospect know right at the beginning of my call or meeting that I was going to be asking them for a decision. You need confidence in yourself – learn to live with the percentage of people that don’t want your service or product – and ask for a decision – it is a simple as YES nor NO.

I guarantee if you master this technique, your sales will soar.

See you soon


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