As a kid, $10 is good pocket money and theres heaps you can buy with a $10 note in your pocket. $10 might be enough for a primary school kid, but is it enough for a maturing teenager? Certainly not.

A teenager today believes he or she needs the means to own and run a mobile, own the latest computer game, have money for a few drinks with mates and take a friend out on a date. $100 is closer to the mark.

$100 might meet the needs of an eighteen year old, but certainly not when you are in your early twenties. You may recall being twenty one and how important it felt to have money in your wallet and the freedom to spend it. Forget the $100, now $1000 is looking good and surely reachable.

At thirty, the stakes are higher and $10,000 dollars works OK, but how good would $100,000 be and how well it would change your lifestyle. Such a large financial jump might appear a little daunting but the rewards from such a monetary leap would be enormous.

But hey, now you have reached the $100,000 milestone, why not set your goals on becoming a millionaire???

‘Impossible’ you say. ‘That’s right out of my league’.

Imagine the things you could do and achieve if you can think past the dream and make it a reality.

Take time out to notice that all you have been doing since being a kid is simply adding another zero. Easily done in the earlier years but certainly more challenging as your commitments change and your needs increase. For some reason, adding that extra zero becomes a huge challenge, and a negative belief that its out of your possibilites. Adding that extra zero becomes a mind set. You can train your mind into believing its achievable, or you can tell yourself its out of your reach. The key is to learn the art of adding another zero quickly.

Im running a workshop on exactly this topic so if you are keen to learn more, click onto my website and let me lead the way.

‘Til next time.


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