You have always complained about not having enough time – but now you finally get it

In this video …

  • Many people have a time scarcity that is holding them back
  • When you understand this, you can literally challenge it and thus create more ‘perceived time’
  • How a time scarcity can create a lot of stress and anxiety
  • How to let go of thinking you are time poor

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  1. Andrew thank you so much. love your work and follow it. this is the future what you have done here in this video as entrepreneurs we do suffer this problem with time as we have to do so much or want to do so much but there are so many hours in the day and i am always left with this frustration of … how to get it all done!!! yes meditation is the way to go but we have to do it. – everyday and when there is a list of things to be done. … we put meditation on the backburner.. but i know i have to put it first.!! every day you are so right.!! i will do it when i wake up tomorrow morning.
    thank you . you are on the right path.
    ciao Gemma

  2. More great advice Andrew. I like the phrase “stinking thinking,” which is similar to what I tell myself often: Does it help me to be thinking this way?

  3. Thanks! I will listen to this clip a few times and I will cancel the time scarcity in my life. Great advice!

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