Are You A Lion or A Horse?

The lesson in this blog was taught to me around 6 years ago and it was THE deciding factor that took me from a stand-alone business owner to running a multi-million dollar company with more than 20 team members in less than 2 years.

What I am about to share, separates entrepreneurs that make a lot of money from those who struggle.  It’s the difference between business owners that work extremely hard to make money, versus others that seem to just cruise and make three times as much as everyone else.  And all of this can be compared to the way a horse eats to the way a lion eats.

Now – don’t get me wrong. I love horses and I would definitely prefer to play with a horse compared to a lion (although the video below would be kind of cool).

But we need to study how a horse eats.  In fact, try and catch a horse that is not eating!!

A horse will spend close to 80% of its time grazing.  There is nothing wrong this by any means, and the horse is clearly very happy.

But I want you to compare the way a horse eats to the way you run your business.

  • Do you seem to work really hard, and never really land a big deal?
  • Do you feel you are servicing small clients and sometimes it doesn’t seem like you make money off certain jobs?
  • Are you growing your business by one client at a time?
  • Does it feel like 3 steps forward and then 2 back consistently?
  • Are you working so hard that it seems you have no energy left to really drive your business forward?

Recently we did some research on business owners and 86% of them reported that they are not making sufficient money.  And we are not talking about making money to thrive.  This is simply enough money to survive.  I believe this is because so many business owners are playing it safe, and working really hard servicing lots of ‘little clients’ (grazing just like a horse – spending 80% of their time doing just enough to survive)

Now compare the horse to the lion.  How often does a lion eat? If you watch a lion it will make a kill, have a big feast and then rest and play for the next 3 days.

What would happen if you started behaving more like the lion as opposed to the horse?

What if you were able to strike a deal that paid you your entire turnover of last year in one go?

What if you set up one strategic alliance that generated more leads for you next week than you received last year?

It is possible you know.  I see successful entrepreneurs doing this every day.  You just have to think differently.

I watched Australian Story last week, and it was the story of an entrepreneur called Brian Sherman.  Back in the 1980’s Brian was struggling to pay the bills.  Like most business owners, he was running his business like a horse grazes.  Lots of work, but not enough to enjoy the freedom he desired.  He became fed up with this, and with his business partner he took an idea to the US to raise money and influence people from the states to invest their money into Australia.  They had a goal to raise $60 million and were blown away when they attracted more than $800 million in investments.  Some years later Brian was able to sell his business for $170m.  This is an example of eating like a lion.

 Are you currently eating like a lion?  If you are, we would love to hear some examples (share your examples via comments below) If you’re not – when are you going to start? Maybe it’s your time to recognise that you are worthy and capable of extraordinary success.  When you do, you can get more results in one year than all of your earlier years combined.  It’s just a decision.

Remember – until you believe in you, no one else will believe in you.

Have a watch of this fun video of a reunion with a lion………CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Here’s to some HUGE lion meals this week,

Til next time,


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  1. Great blog Andrew! and great analogy. I am spending way too much time with small clients. I definitly need to back myself and start taking bigger chunks!

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