The Best Business Exercise You Will Ever Do!


Everyone of us desires more time to do more in our week – we are so busy and sometimes there is simply not enough time in the week to get stuff done.

Way more powerful that a TO DO LIST, is a NOT TO DO LIST.

Sound strange?

What you need to do is have 2 sheets of paper – one marked PERSONAL and one marked BUSINESS.

Then you write down EVERYTHING you do in a day, week, month and year – EVERYTHING!

Once you have the list, grab a GREEN PEN and hang onto the tasks you need to do.

Then get an ORANGE PEN and mark the tasks that you may be able to DELEGATE.

The take a RED PEN and highlight what you SHOULD NOT DO.

Then DELEGATE the RED and start to re-access the ORANGE.

As an ENTREPRENEUR you will never get rich cleaning the house and doing the filing.

OUTSOURCE the lower level tasks and WORK ON THE HIGHER LEVEL TASKS that will take your business where you want to go.

And ENJOY the extra 10 hours a week that will magically appear.


See you soon


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