The Best Way To Start A Monday

Did you know that the person who starts their Monday morning with a plan, is the one that will have a far less stressful and far more productive week?

The difference between a good week and a great week is a PLAN!

And it is a very simple process.

Set aside an hour or so on a Sunday afternoon when you have some space.

This is when you can get all the bricks out of your head. Bricks are the “left overs” from the week before that have not been done. Get them out of your head and down on paper.

I use an excel spread sheet for my business and personal goals for the 90 days ahead.
The sheet includes tasks to complete – who is responsible and how long they will take.

I always start with my personal goals for the week – exercise, date night, catching up with friends or family – and I schedule them into my calendar first.

Then I add the Bricks – clearing the list if at all possible within the coming week.

Then I add the Rocks from my spreadsheet of business goals – I schedule the rocks that will move my business forward and the tasks that need to be completed to ensure progress.

It is an amazing rhythm to adopt and you will realize when Monday arrives, there is no thinking to be done – it is all scheduled and makes for an incredibly productive week.

Just remember – the difference between a good week and a great week is a PLAN!

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