How We Built A Facebook Following To 68,000 People In Under 6 Months

We are constantly asked how did we build our facebook following to 68,000 people in under 6 months, so I thought I would share how in this blog.  I also talk about how this has brought close to 10,000 leads into our business.

This short video explains how I did this …

As business owners, it’s no secret that social media is becoming a very important component when it comes to marketing and also keeping in touch with existing clients.

There is an enormous amount of information out there, and I think its very easy to become overwhelmed and it’s hard to work out what is right and what we need to do.

Before I explain what I have done to build my facebook page – I want to just position that I have never done a course on using facebook.   I also spend about 30 minutes per week on it (not a day – per week).  I believe it’s very easy to get distracted by social media and I also respect that it should not be mistaken as your major marketing tool.


I do need to thank one of my clients, Andrew Krauksts, from The Home Loan Advisory who helped me learn about Facebook advertising, which I will talk about in this article. (Andrew is a wizard at facebook marketing and is developing a course – so if you are interested in learning more – then make contact with Andrew at his site.)


8 Steps To Build A Facebook Following

I am sure there are many other things I have not thought about when it comes to facebook marketing, but here are 8 steps that I have identified.

1. Set An Intention Or Reason

Set an intention/reason behind why you want to set up a page.   In January of this year I launched my new book called ‘What The Hell Are You Chasing?!’.  I was trying to think of a way to market this book , so I decided to launch a facebook page.  This leads me to point 2

2. Choose A Strong URL

My facebook URL is

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I get a lot of comments about this and it is intriguing and often people will like the page just because of the URL.  Be creative with this.

In addition – choose a really attractive header.  Have a look at the one that we have chosen – once again this is attention grabbing and intriguing.

3. Exist To Add Value

I knew right from the start that I needed to exist to add value.  People will only come if I am adding more value.  I have a 1:5 ratio – that is, I will only post something promotional every 5 posts and the other 4 posts are adding value – and helping the community.

This also leads to another point which is

4. Add Fresh Comments That People Will Share

If you look at our facebook page, notice how many likes, comments and shares we have.  I’m really big on being authentic.  Humorous posts still get the highest responses

5. Advertise

This has worked really well for us.  We run adds and target people that we believe are in our target audience.   The key is to ask:

What else would our target audience like? and how can we write an ad that gets their attention?

We have around 5-6 ads running at any one time, and this really helps fuel the likes. We pay for cost per click and at the moment, it averages around 15 cents per click.

The key thing here is to really link your ad to the page that your audience likes.  For example, let’s say you know that your product would add value to people that like Will Smith.  Then you could create an ad with a photo of Will Smith – target all of the people that like Will Smith, and say ‘If you like Will Smith, you will love this page.  Like our page now to get a free xyz’

6. Point Your Advertising At A Landing Page

This is the URL of the landing page we point our advertising to.

Click Here To See Our Free Chapter Download Landing Page On Facebook

What is amazing about this is that we get a good conversion of people who buy the book and this actually subsidizes the cost of the advertising (we were not expecting this)

This landing page has added almost 10,000 new people to our list and sold thousands of books.   It has worked extremely well for us.

7. Send Value Add Videos

Once people opt-in, send them some value add videos.

Here is an example of what I mean … (Are You On The Right Bus Video)

What is amazing, is people forward this on, comment on this and this fuels more people to like our facebook page etc etc.  This is where you start to gain some real momentum.  Eventually we offer people an opportunity to purchase a program that we have developed (The Offer Video …)

8. Automate Everything

Automate so you don’t get caught  up.  Do the work once – and then systemize.

In all of the above 7 points, I only have to:- build the landing page once, record the video once, automate the process once, design the ad once (although I do change these every couple of weeks)

This is what has allowed me to invest less than 30 minutes a week, and generate a lot of leads and thus great results at the back end.

Additional Points

Finally – I do want to point out that I started all of this from a place of really wanting to get my book out to people to HELP PEOPLE.

I also have designed back end products that are really set up to make a difference in peoples lives.  For us – it’s not about how much money we can make.  It’s about helping as many people as possible – and I believe that if you DON’T come from this place, then the above won’t happen.

I hope you also benefit from a great Facebook strategy,


PS. if you haven’t bought my book yet, you can buy it here

PPS. I am launching a new mentoring program for a very small group to show them exactly how to:

  • get a book out there
  • use facebook marketing to generate leads
  • use webinars to convert leads into paying clients
  • build a business that is 100% virtual
  • creating online programs that free you from doing the work
  • how to set up the right team around you to make it all happen etc etc

If you are interested, please email





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  1. Hi Andrew,

    You have the talent of taking something most people think is difficult and break it down into easy to follow steps.

    What you’ve shared on this video will help anyone wondering about Facebook and it’s potential.

    I also did the awesome “Flip Program” with you years ago and it is something every person on this planet should do.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us,

    Warm regards,
    Steve Baker

  2. Andrew- you are such a legend! I’m about to share this link around because as per usual you have given great information that will help so many people! Have to catch up soon. Keep up the awesome work….. Trace

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