The Brain vs. the Computer

Unbelievable! Did you know? 1. Our brain is approximately 75% water – so the more water you drink the better your brain functions? 2. 50% to 80% of all visits to the doctor can be traced to psychological reasons. When you think about it, our brains are just like the hard drive of a computer. When a computer has too many …

90 Days of Development. By Paddy Delohery

90 Days of Development. Wow. Paddy Delohery, one of our clients with Andrew Roberts Coaching, has begun a 90 Day Challenge. Read 1 development book per week. Paddy and his business partner Damien, operate and manage the Burleigh Heads Vision Personal Training Centre (link enc)


Success is really simple.  5 positives thoughts for every negative thought.  If you find a negative in someone, then find 5 positives.  If you find a negative in your customer, then find 5 positives.  If you find a negative in your business then find 5 positives!!

22 Tips from 7 years of Coaching….

1. Give yourself 4-7 years to be good at Business….Running a business is an amazing journey. It uncovers many insecurities and you attract many clients that will bring out these insecurities. When they are gone, you will attract amazing people and when you attract amazing people your real business journey will begin. 2. Work really hard on your belief system….I …


As a kid, $10 is good pocket money and theres heaps you can buy with a $10 note in your pocket. $10 might be enough for a primary school kid, but is it enough for a maturing teenager? Certainly not. A teenager today believes he or she needs the means to own and run a mobile, own the latest computer …