One chance – Paul Potts

In this video … Amazing audition of Paul Potts Sometimes you have to take a chance in life Learn how to overcome fear

How To Avoid Life’s Biggest Regrets

A disturbing question…but an interesting one. Have you ever wondered, when you get to a certain age in life where you might start to ‘look back on life’ that someone may ask you.. ‘What are your regrets?’ What do you think your answer will be? I should have worked more, worked harder. I should have spent less time with the …

Gaining Self Confidence – How To Grow Your Self Esteem

Did you know that … 90% of people start school with high self-confidence, and 90% finish with low self-confidence We end up spending the first third of our lives creating the self-confidence and self-esteem ISSUES, and the next third fixing them! You wouldn’t even treat your car this way, so why on earth do we treat ourselves like this?