Has Christmas Screwed You Up?

Would you agree that the two most important days in a child’s year are Christmas and their birthday?

And if you asked a kid, “What is the best part of Christmas or your birthday?” most would say, “the presents“.

We all love gifts!

There is something special about ripping off the paper to discover the mystery that lies underneath.

I remember when I was a kid, my brothers and I would race out on Christmas morning and see how quickly we could rip the paper off. I couldn’t sleep the night before.  As I was tearing the paper off like a madman, I was also glued to my older brother, intrigued to see what Santa had bought him (in case his present was better than mine)

If you think about it, there is nothing more rewarding than watching a kid (your own child, niece or nephew) open a gift which you have put thought into.

Now I’m older, I can now understand the pleasure in seeing the joy you can bring to someone with the gift of giving.

Christmas Materialism – Where Does It Come From?

Think about this … Could gift giving be causing some harm to our children? Could the way we build up receiving gifts, cause children to believe that feeling good is only related to receiving? Could this be one of the reasons why consumerism is so prevalent in our western world? (ie. In order to feel happier, we need to keep buying?)

Have you ever noticed how many children will immediately claim the gift as theirs?

They use the words “it’s mine” and if you take their toy away from them it creates pain?  Have you ever seen that? Personally, I have memories of my older brother taking my toys, and I would throw a tantrum.

By receiving a gift and claiming it as ‘mine’, are we sub-consciously teaching ourselves to become attached to material possessions?

So when we are older, and if we lose (or fail to gain) our material possessions, is that a reason why we become unhappy?

Getting More From Giving

The Gift Of GivingAre you aware that Christmas (and life for that matter) is about both receiving and giving, but the greatest reward lies with the giving. The quality of our lives is in direct proportion to how much we give.

  • If you are feeling a lack of love, then just give some love away.
  • If you are feeling unhappy, then give some more happiness away.
  • If you are experiencing a lack of money, then give some away.

It always comes back to you, multiplied.

So this Christmas, my message is to really FOCUS on giving.

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P.S. Receiving isn’t a bad thing, it’s just that giving is more rewarding. (Would love to read your thoughts on this topic below …)

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  1. It’s interesting to go back through old photographs of Christmas morning in the ’40s and ’50s, and how simple the gifts were, one big one and a few smaller ones, and they were simpler things, too, like dolls and tin airplanes or train sets and books. We’ve gotten very far away from that, with the hundreds of dollars spent on even just one item for one of our children.

    And the bit about giving away what you are lacking, this is too true. Hoarding stops the energy right at our doorstep, but being generous, not miserly, that’s what makes our bounty grow and multiply.

  2. Christmas and birthdays are definitely the two most important 2 days in a child’s year. I remember that I was always happy when I was a child, especially around Christmas. And my birthday was always the happiest day of my life. Now, since I’ve grown up, I don’t experience any of the same sense of anticipation … I just feel older and older.

  3. In my opinion, Christmas is about both receiving and giving. But there are so many people who are more interested in receiving than in giving.

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