Depression Warning Signs

Being in business can be really challenging.

Recently, a business colleague of mine brought up the subject of depression in relation to business owners. I think many people (particularly males) experience some (or many)  signs of depression and hide it. In fact, depression warning signs are often hard to spot because they tend to creep up on you.

I believe being in business can be an amazing journey to help us develop our lives. However, starting a business forces the things we don’t like about ourselves to come to the surface. This can open a can of worms as a result.

Watch the video below for more …

10 Signs Of Possible Depression

I remember when I was in my first 2 years of running a business, I experienced a number of depression warning signs, but I didn’t connect the dots between these signs and actually having depression. The list below describes me at the time …

  • Lack of energy
  • Feeling unmotivated
  • Not feeling worthy
  • Feelings of low self esteem and low self confidence
  • Everything feels hard
  • Feeling overwhelmed and foggy minded
  • Not able to describe exactly what is wrong (when you know there is something wrong)
  • Lack of usual enthusiasm
  • Great at kidding everyone that things are fine (when they’re not)
  • Procrastination

At the time, my business was in a lot of debt and it felt like everything was going wrong in my life.

Since then, I’ve  come across many entrepreneurs who have experienced the same thing, and I would really like to help them out of it.

I believe there are some simple tools to help you deal with these depressive feelings when you first become aware of them.

5 Natural Treatments For Depression

1. Get Clarity

I found that when things are going wrong, our brain is focusing heavily on what we don’t want in our life. We need to FLIP this around and focus on what we DO want in our lives.

We talk about this extensively in the flip your life program. I advise that you do a clarity vs contrast task and identify everything that you don’t want ON PAPER and to be able to figure out exactly what you DO want.

2. Are You On The Right Bus?

I’ve spoke about this at length in my Are You On The Right Bus video. So many of us fail to see that negative events happening in our lives can actually be blessings in disguise. In fact, they can actually nudge us on to a better-aligned bus.

We also need to learn to tap into our intuition. One of the best ways to do this is to spend some time in nature.

3. Change Your Definition of Success

Expectations can have a really negative impact on us, because we think we should have achieved something by a certain time – and when we don’t reach that, we get upset with ourselves.

It is essential that you continue to set goals, but you need to be flexible enough to still feel successful if even if one of your goals doesn’t get crossed off.

We also need to stop comparing ourselves to others.

4. Shift Focus

Shift your focus from your own problems, and focus on helping others

Selfish people are always thinking about themselves.

Selfless people, don’t have time to think about themselves because they are so busy focusing on helping others.

5. It Won’t Last

When I was first introduced to this concept, it really helped me to put current events into perspective.

There is an old tale about a wise man who, whenever a stressful situation came up, would open his hand and look at something inscribed on his ring.

As he did so, his fears would quickly disappear and he’d be filled with more confidence and enthusiasm.

At other times, during a period of euphoria, he’d look again at his ring and become calm.

After he died, people looked at his ring to discover his secret.

On the ring were written the words: “It will pass”

If you are going through a bad patch, it won’t last.

If you are going through a great patch, it won’t last.


We would really appreciate your comments below and PLEASE share this as there might be someone out there right now who could benefit from learning more about depression warning signs.

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    1. Hi Carol – I hope you watched the rest of the video. I do give some ways to help you remove it. And remember – depression warning signs doesn’t mean you have depression. It can actually mean something really good is happening.

      1. I also have everyone of those signs on your video too. I had never heard the bit about what a selfish person is and to help others to get over it…. I always thought at the moment, with this depression, I just need to try and sort myself out first for me to then be able to get to the place where I can really help others and be more part of things. I can’t believe you think the warning signs are something really good potentially. A different perspective. Thanks for sharing this in this way. Quite brave of you really.

        1. thank Sandy – certainly sharing my experiences but definitely doesn’t mean I am right. I just hope people can learn from some of the things that I have been through. Thanks for your post

    2. Hi Carol – pop to the doctors. Women can be affected by hormone and thyroid problems that may need re-balancing. Sharing your worries with a professional is the start of getting better, like any other illness. Take care of yourself. Di 🙂

  1. Thanks Andy depression is a huge problem not just with younger people (where it almost seems to be endemic) but as you say with business owners. Anyone who says there is no stress attached to owning/running a business is clearly not running a business.

    “If you are going through a bad patch, it won’t last.
    If you are going through a great patch, it won’t last.”

    Love the inscription on the ring “It will pass”

    Nothing lasts forever 🙂

    1. thanks andrea. I think starting a business is like a 5 year old child attempting to complete their final year of school. It really takes us out of our comfort zone.

  2. Right now I’m working on getting my CEO mojo back Andrew, I feel exactly like you say, it’s a downward spiral and I feel like I can’t control the fall. I will work on your 5 pointers and see how it goes. I’m working with a business coach for my company and the company is doing better but I feel like I lost ALL my energy— It’s sad

  3. Depression is a choice!
    Choose to get outside in the sun for 20 mins a day to get your Vitamin D. Choose to think positive thoughts, not negative. Choose to be grateful for everything you have ie friends, family, a job, a roof over your head! But also choose to be grateful for things you don’t have ie an untreatable disease, homelessness, buck teeth!
    It’s all in peoples perspectives and if you can change your perspective (and the quickest way is being grateful everyday), you will never be depressed.
    Now and again, you might be sad, but depression will be a stranger.

    1. Reply to Smudge: Depression is a choice! How ignorant. Mate, maybe burnout, maybe being in a slump is something you choose to make worse but who actually chooses to feel bad? Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain, you can’t choose that. Depression kills people mate so show some respect!

    2. So true. When a fish is sick, you dont treat the fish, you treat the water. This is really good advice. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Sadly depression can be so debilitating that your 10 helpful tips are too shallow. SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP ASAP – IT’S OUT THERE.

    1. thanks Jan – totally agree. I am NOT an expert, and people should definitely seek experts if they are feeling depression. Sometimes I do get upset when a doctor might diagnose someone with depression (and give them medication) when it COULD be a mind thing. I do respect that in other areas this isnt the case.

  5. Andrew, Just wanted to say that there is a lot of stuff out there for self-development, meditation.. and all the rest of it. Anyway, wanted to let you know that I like very much what you do, it is clear, straight to the point, no hidden agenda, said in a friendly and confident manner, so please keep the good work up. Best wishes, B

  6. Excellent Andrew concise and helpful I wish I had know this last year when I went through my own very dark times and could relate too your own experiences especially feeling abandoned by people. I think that depression is a physical and mental illness. Physical in that unrelenting stress and anxiety can burn you out and drain you of energy which is where the lethargy and unwillingness to be active comes in.
    Mental: in one does get into a spiral of negative damaging thinking and other unpleasant things comes along to almost confirm this. It takes a real shift and real rest to fight off depression but it can be done and sometimes medical help is needed when one gets dangerously low. Getting out into nature, taking time to relax and just ‘be’ and counseling can help. Cheers

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  7. Andrew, this is really wonderful…i am a medical student going through depression and i can still relate very well…thank you so much…i’m gonna paste this on my wall…

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  8. i also undergoing depression in my college life. i don’t how to get out of it. i don’t know why everyone started kidding me unnecessarily

  9. Been in that place, didn’t like it. things I learnt to do were positive thoughs, break the negitive circle. The things that aren’t your problem push back to whoevers problem it is. Don’t take people issues on board.listen by all means but don’t worry about them as it isn’t your problem.
    each day write down or think about all the positives steps that happened that day and build on them from there. 🙂
    Up beat music is also good

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  10. andrew ,nice analysis,and sometime back i gone thru this,u hv put all things precisely.problem has been defined.but the solutions u r giving r ok but slow when it comes to materialistic realty

  11. Sorry, but as someone who has suffered serious, clinical depression, your description & ‘remedies’ are nothing more than fluff. I think the real problem lies in the multiple uses of the word depression. What you’ve described is not depression, it’s simply a natural response to stressful situations and the results of those stresses for extended periods. For people with a family history of mental illness – and yes, depression is a mental illness – these stresses may be precursors to depression and need to be managed quickly, but often, once help is sought, the help needed is much more involved and serious.
    Depression is a serious medical condition that has almost taken my life twice, it requires professional help and realistic strategies for each individual.
    There is no shame in having depression and needing to take prescription medication for it. Had I not, I would not be here today writing this comment. Please take depression seriously and understand what you’re talking about, you are not a health care professional.

    1. Post

      Not disagreeing with you at all Kristy. I just FELT like I had depression. And I think there might be many others out there that may experience these feelings. Of course people should see a specialist.

  12. I have some of the Signs and you have identified it in the video. I am 25 and i am still not where i want to be after fighting for 3 years. I will try to change my definition of success, but sometimes people around be makes it difficult.

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  13. I ended going to Cognitive behavioral therapy( CBT ) I have had depression for years sometimes it gains the power to overwhelm me. I believe depression doesn’t go any there are different levels of it. getting it under control is the trick. Too much negitive is not good for anyone
    Andrew this is good to share/read

  14. Funny how these things seem to find you at just the moment when they are most helpful! I really needed a lift today, and more importantly a shift of perspective. THANKS for this, Andrew – I think all the points are relevant to me, but what really hit home was the expectations, and feelings of frustration. I never seem to focus on what I’ve actually achieved, and where I am in relation to where I started … I keep focusing on the next thing I haven’t done, and berating myself for the fact that I haven’t done it. If the house is untidy – I have usually done a great job on the farm (and vice versa) – but I don’t give myself credit for the accomplishments, just rag onto myself about what needs doing. :O Definitely need to lighten up!

    1. Post

      Hi Kym, Thanks for sharing this. I actually believe that what you have just mentioned is an amazing way to keep you positive – ie focus on what we have done, not what we haven’t. Thank you. Andrew

  15. I just want to share briefly my own experience with depression. I’ve suffered from depression since I was a teenager, and at times I would get suicidal. The turning point for me was one day realising just how bad it had become, and finally listened to my friends and family and saw a doctor, a good eight years after I first noticed the symptoms. I urge anyone who is experiencing long term depression to see a doctor, it’s so important to take that first step. For me, the medication levelled out the playing field so I could get my head on straight, see a counsellor and get my thinking sorted out. While it took three more years, I can confidently say it does pass. No matter how bad it seems or how long it has gone on for, it does pass. Today, I am feeling mentally stronger and happier than I ever have, but I may not feel this way without the decision to get help.

  16. Hi Andrew,

    This is the second time I have found you. Came across you on Facebook many months ago.

    The feelings you mentioned above and the solutions are exactly what I needed.

    Thanks so much,


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  17. Hi Andrew,

    I think one of the reasons is because I am on the wrong bus, too focused on making the money and just doing marketing for the sake of making money, when really I should be living to a higher purpose like yourself, and using marketing to actually fight society’s problems, like you said at the end in the bloopers. 🙂

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  18. Lots of respect to you, however I really think you have pointed out examples of stress and not actually depression. Those of us that really do suffer with this horrible, mental illness would love to be able to count our blessings as such, and turn our thoughts around and of course be able to go help others etc, but that is part of the ‘guilt’ of this, although your points are totally recognised as what maybe would and should help, it does not..depression is mentally crippling and it’s not can be impossible to even see anybody, or even get out of bed on really bad days, tears flow regularly and to the outside world maybe it does appear selfish and a form of totally feeling sorry for ones self, but please take it from a sufferer of many years, we are not self sentered, we really are so unhappy at the worst is totally dilliberating, really like telling somebody with a broken leg to go run the marathon, only difference being, we don’t have a plaster on our wound, so you just can’t see it.

  19. Thanks for writing this,depression is an awful thing to go through,life catches up with you when you’re trying your best to keep the ‘see-saw’ balanced,mine didn’t and a few years back I spiralled into a black hole that seemed to have never ending walls.After time out thanks to a good doctor and supportive friend,I painted my way to feeling well again,I still have bad days,but am not afraid to face them know and know how to deal with it…..sometimes finding a small goal to work towards does help.Mine’s art.Good luck.with anyone feeling this way,one day at a time.

  20. Glad i found you. Since losing my closest friend I’ve been drinking and
    seeing the world around me moving on happily. Friends settling down having
    kids getting that promotion etc. Like you have said I can see what I’m
    doing is not the me I want me to be. Just struggling to get away from the
    me I’ve chosen in order to ‘cope’

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