The Secret Powers of Direct Response Marketing

A colleague of mine, Bret Thomson, has been able to use Direct Response Marketing and Copywriting to its most powerful effect. So much so, his hugely successful, six-figure copywriting business has been built from his learning and applying the skills. This week’s blog comes from Bret …

Your amazing drive and passion for your life-changing idea, product or service will help you deliver it to thousands, maybe millions of people… And because you’re SO passionate about it, it will be easy to sell your idea, make a fabulous income and change your life forever – Right?


As tough as it is to hear that, if it was as simple as that, then I’d have been a millionaire two or three times over already!

And look, it doesn’t have to be tough – in fact there is a skill you can learn, that will have immediate impact…

To quench my own curiosity – I looked up the general meaning of Direct Response Marketing and found heaps of really complicated explanations. In a nutshell direct Response Marketing means;

Your marketing is designed to evoke an immediate response and compel prospects to take some specific action, such as picking up the phone and calling for more information, placing an order or being directed to a web page.

Sounds good – ‘evoke immediate action’  ‘compel prospects to take action’.

The problem was, in my early days, I may as well have been tap dancing on a surfboard in my boardies for all the immediate action my copy was evoking!… I was paddling against the current with one paddle – and it was hard.

And this was how marketing and copy felt to me. HARD.

Until I learned more and completed a number of marketing, copywriting and more in point, Direct Response Marketing courses.

Like many I’d never been a massive fan of English at school, or writing (unlike the present) but focusing my attention and learning, I soon realised that I did have the ability to create well written, and powerful direct response marketing and copy (and I could throw away the paddle and get an outboard).

The benefits of DRM are many and can enable previously un-thought of possibilities…but you have to apply some clearly defined learning…

You have to understand your market. Research their wants, needs, desires, objections, fears, pain, ‘what keeps them up at night’.
Don’t change your product or service. Change the words you are using to market it.
If you haven’t already, come up with your BIG idea.
Study Headlines and come up with the BEST headlines. Emotive | jaw dropping brilliant| compelling ‘open me’ headlines.
Learn to write ‘Conversational Copy’. Steer clear of being too technical, too detailed, too ‘flowery’. Talk to people – draw them in through conversation.
Have an eye for design, colours and layout, and if you don’t have the eye, outsource to someone who does. Customers don’t buy messy.

Bret challenged the cliche ‘follow your passion and the money will come’ edict. Like me, he discovered that even though following your passion is the first important step to success – without the right theory, you may well struggle in the dark for forever. (In Bret’s case, he learned from the best about marketing and compelling, direct action marketing)

Watch below for more on Bret’s success.

As you heard from Bret, it’s amazing what can happen when you just one thing can completely change your life, income and business… The name of the game is to apply your learning.

We’d really love to hear your comment below on how you’ve marketed your big ideas and how DRM has been applied in your business…

Happy writing!

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