Are you disconnected and feeling frustrated?

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  1. Andrew, I have been drifting in and out of this feeling of connect/ disconnect for a long time.As you say its the daily disciplines that actually set you free, other wise you just get swept along and like the majority. Developing those rituals and staying true to yourself has never been more important. Thank you for giving me such a simple message.

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  2. I so much agree with you Andrew. Especially in the western world, we are so much caught up in the daily busyness that it’s hard to stay present and see what’s important every day.
    5 minutes of meditation per day has helped me tremendously. The biggest change has come from implementing Tony Robbins’ Hour of Power with an infusion of gratitude and envisioning every single morning.

    Thanks so much for sharing this Andrew and breaking through the daily noise.

  3. Thanks Andrew, a difficult topic handled with grace and sensitivity and bravery…it’s something we’re all scared to talk about – is it because we think we’ll be judged for it? Or is it something deeper? Anyway it’s important and it is brave of you to put yourself out there to sow a seed and hopefully generate some courageous and out-of-the-box thinking. Kudos to you

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