Dominos Pizza And The Importance Of Focus…

I love, every couple of weeks, sitting down and writing my blog…

Mind you, as much as I love writing, this week I’m going to keep this one short – because I feel my video explains it all.

But before you watch, let me ask you – What’s your favourite pizza?

Personally, my favourite is a Supreme, with extra sauce on a classic base…

Amazing isn’t it? The success you can create when you focus on ONE thing.

In Business and in Life I believe this is an enormous lesson.

…Poor Matthew. Remember Matt? He was the poor Executive who had the job of taking care of the Dominos Pizza, Night time and Lunch time menus  – but was only  ‘sort of doing it on the side’

Sort Of Doing It On The Side

It says it all doesn’t it.

And that’s the problem…

Trying to do 2 things at once and doing neither very well.

Poor Matt. Like the Consultant said, if he continued to try and catch 2 rabbits at once – he’d end up with none!

Like most people, I have let this  ‘scattered focus’  happen to myself and in my own business (and suffered the results of it) and I expect you have to.

There is so much to this story.

So much you can use in Business and in Life, if you actually LET GO – Less is More – and place energy and focus on just ONE component or area of your business or life.

I promise you it WILL magnify.


Til next time



PS. Have you had an experience like Matt? Share your comments below with others, so they too can understand the power of energy and focus.. cheers, Andrew.


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