You Don’t Know What You Are Missing Out On By Not Using Video

PLEASE tell me you are using video to help you promote your business?

ALL business is built on relationships.

You agree with me on this don’t you?

Then I am sure you would agree that video is a great way to build relationships with your current and future clients.

I was sharing this with a client the other day and they just said to me, ‘Andrew – I just don’t have time to record videos’.

And I told them ‘It doesn’t matter – you don’t have to!!!’

They said ‘What do you mean?’ – I mentioned a colleague of mine called Chris Parsons.  Chris receives a clients’ script and he then records the video for them.

This has the added benefit of making them look bigger and he does this for a really reasonable price.

So there really is NO EXCUSE for not doing video anymore.

If you like what you see in this video, and would like an introduction to Chris – just email me back and the team will link you (by the way there is nothing it in this for me – it is just a sensational service)

You could even send in ALL of your old written blogs and Chris would then turn them into videos for you.

Remember– if you are not out there – then how can people find you?

Enjoy the video this week on the benefits of using VIDEO.


p.s this little video took me all of 3 minutes to create so it is minimal work for maximum return…

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