Eliminate ‘Not Bad’ From Your Vocabulary

“Not Bad”….These are the two words in the English language when put together really, really, frustrate and challenge me.

‘Not Bad’

These two words really are at the top of my ‘never utter’ list!

Think about it. ‘Not Bad’ means “Oh, usually I’m bad all the time, but not today. Today, I’m ‘Not Bad'”.

It really bothers me… and it’s profound.

Three out of four people when asked “How are you going?”, say, “Not Bad”.

See –  your brain, when you tell yourself or others something – hears you, and it becomes your reality. You create it. So you have to be careful what you say…. What we focus on is what we get.


Try instead to challenge the so called ‘normal’ with flipping…

Like, instead of

“How are you going?”

“Oh, mate, I’m feeling sick…” Flip it to “I’m getting better, thanks”


Instead of

“How are you going?”

“Not bad, I’ve had better days!…” Flip it to “I’m brilliant, thanks” or “I’m awesome mate, thanks”

I know there are some of you who are challenged using big, descriptive words – but give it a go.

It makes you feel so good, and amazingly, really helps to make someone else’s day.

So next time you’re asked “How are you going?” remember, our words we use have a PROFOUND EFFECT on our focus and energy … and do your best to eliminate ‘Not Bad’.

Up for a challenge?… Try this for one day and let me know your outcome via the below Comments Section. I challenge anyone to come back that flipping ‘Not Bad’ didn’t increase their energy, make others happy and even positively influence their health. Let me know how it goes…


Til next time,

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  1. I am doing great thanks!
    And I completely agree with you about the “not bad” thing. I totally feel the same way, and I like to do a little experiment when I meet someone – When they ask me how I am doing, I will answer “I am doing great”, or “never better”, then I pause. I will then usually ask them how they are doing after that pause, or at an appropriate place in the conversation, but it interesting to see how many people answer my initial statement with something like “I am well thanks” or “good thanks”. Now what frustrates me about this is that they haven’t listened to what I have said. I did not ask them a question, so they were just going through the motions of the usual greeting.
    I really love to actually engage someone when I first meet them, not just do the usual boring old thing.
    And you are right about it changing the energy by how you answer – you feel more empowered and they will often comment on your positive answer, so it is a great conversation starter…
    Thanks for the fantastic post!!! 🙂

  2. Andrew, I might get myself into trouble if I respond by telling people I’m feeling sexual 🙂 Does your mate follow that up with a call to action? 😛

    I have a voicemail message that tells my caller ‘I’m probably busy doing something extremely exciting right now’ and that always gets a great response!

    I caught myself saying not bad today actually – I don’t usually say that but now I’m even more conscious of it! Thanks 😉

  3. Thank you so much Andrew!
    Thanks I’m feeling great! You always bring such important things up at precisely the right time! You amaze me! This is a God-given Talent!
    Thank you for giving all that free!
    It is worth a Million for me and surely for many other people.
    Thanks a Million!

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