Eliminate TRY From Your Vocabulary

When you ask a mate, if he’s coming to drinks on Friday night, and he say’s I’ll try and get there’ – do you count him in?

When you’re invited to be a member of a wedding party, maybe to be the Groomsman or the Bridesmaid, do you reply ‘Ok, I’ll try to make it’?

Or at work, when you ask a team member to get a project in on deadline, and they reply ‘I’ll try and do that’What do you immediately think?

In my experience, these replies mean, I won’t show up, I won’t be involved and I won’t finish the project

And that; is frustrating, and very little bothers me more… Check out this week’s video for why this annoys me SO MUCH….

So what are we committing to when we TRY?


  • Are you trying to get fit or are you getting fit.
  • Are you trying to sign up more clients or are you signing up more clients.
  • Are you trying to improve your business systems or are improving your business systems.

This may seem to you like only a small difference, but it really does have HUGE impact.

….So, maybe it’s time to quit TRYING and just DO IT.

Here’s 3 suggestions on how:

  1. Decide either TO DO or NOT DO. If you don’t want to do something fine. Don’t do it. But don’t pretend that trying is the same as doing. They are two completely different things.
  1. Commit 100 % to the outcome you want. “Failure is not an option.” Play Fully, Work Smarter – Go for the win. Winners have made their mind up, they own it, they’ve got it…Don’t settle for merely trying.
  1. Eliminate “TRY” from your vocabulary. It is a useless, empty word that accomplishes nothing. It only makes you feel better when you fail.

I’d love to hear your comments below, if TRY frustrates you as much as me, or how you go eliminating TRY from your vocab. Try it for a few days and share your experiences below. I promise you, your life will change as a result. And, remember …Do or Not. There is No Try. Yoda 


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  1. You’re spot on Andrew. The other word I’m eliminating from my vocabulary is ‘hope’. I hope – to me is almost as bad as ‘I’ll try’! It leaves room for doubt. Another great quote we use comes from Yoda – Do or Do Not – there is no try.

    (PS: the movie you’re thinking of is The Rock 😉

  2. You make a VERY good point Andrew and have to agree with the unclear meaning of that word as it does have some purpose on the English language I’m sure. However, i have suffered the same frustrations you talk about in hearing and saying the word myself….thinking ”what exactly am I saying?”
    They shouldn’t teach that word in school…LOL

    Thanks and have an awesome week! Cheers!


  3. Yes, I learnt this at the beginning of my healing and it is so true. I also stopped the word “SHOULD”
    Thank you I enjoy all that you put out

  4. If you are looking for other words to stop saying, I think there are two (both seem to mean the same thing). But and However.

    Try using them in a sentence. eg: I would, but … or I would, however … or I agree with you, but … or I agree with you, however ….

    What you or the person you are speaking with is really saying is that they will not do something or they actually totally disagree with you and are trying to be polite.

    I know that if I say them, the other person has no chance at all and really should just walk away. And if I hear them I do walk away.


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  5. So you separate people into winners and losers? What do you mean by that? To me this lacks compassion and smacks of ego: seeing people as either superior or inferior.

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      No – Im not separating people into anything Wei. I am letting everyone know that they can be something great if they just decide. Sadly many people tell themselves that they are a loser – and in fact – that is the ego at work more than it is for people that let themselves know they are winners.

  6. Dear Andrew first time i read your blog but now i m a big fan of you and i think i like to read more. i am sure that i love to read all older posts too …thanks for this positive and nice thoughts..

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