The Wealthy Tour Guide. Enthusiasm Pays.

Let me share a story with you – about the Pyramids in South America, a Tour Guide and an Ant…


You won’t be after this week’s video.

Enthusiasm Pays.

It’s Simple – Yet So Important.

If you’re not a raving fan of your business, how can you expect others to be?
The tour I was on, was maybe 2 hours of my time, 2 hours in my life – yet it left a HUGE impact on me.

And this was down to one person’s passion and enthusiasm – His intense, eager enjoyment was contagious!!

It truly rubs off and it will work for you.
So, ask yourself, do you infect other people and your clients with your enthusiasm?

Enthusiasm Pays Dividends …

Would love to hear your thoughts below.

Til next time,


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  1. Couldn’t be truer and what an excellent example! I will share this with the PartnerUp community Andrew because being a raving fan of your own business and profession is also what attracts awesome strategic alliance partners.

    Steve Irwin springs to mind as well 😉

    To cite an example of the contrary I was shopping for my mother’s Christmas present in the Blue Mountains yesterday and I decided to go into a beautiful french home wares store – I know her goods are beautiful but she’s always empty. The energy she was exuding was (again) so uninviting I couldn’t get out of there fast enough!!

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      Thanks Simone – such a great example with Steve Irwin. Thanks for your new year wishes as well. Will respond to your emails when i am back from holidays.

  2. Hello Andrew,
    I’d like to relate an experience of recently talking with a person to join our company for sales.
    The beginning of the conversation was rather mundane and formal, ticking the boxes, that sort of stuff. After about half an hour we gradually moved our conversation into the “Why”, why we do what we do with technology, why we are passionate about helping people communication and why we are looking to bring on 100 people by the end of the year.
    It was in thy Why that the enthusiasm came out, and the next hour came to life for both the person we were interviewing and ourselves as we started to look at their why to.
    Thanks Andrew for sharing the passion of the tour guide,
    Marcus 🙂

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