Allow Yourself To Live An Extraordinary Life

I truly believe we are all destined to lead extraordinary lives.  Sadly though, many people will never experience this for one simple reason – they never give themselves permission to actually be extraordinary.

Consumed by the negativity of stress and pressure, and not having been given the tools to help them discover the light at the end of the tunnel, these people never find their natural flow.  Instead, they trudge on fighting a never ending up hill battle.  If they simply took the time to stop and slow down, they would soon realise that the answers to their problems are all around them.

Natural Flow

Take a forest for example.  “Seed  A” is from a bush.  Falling to the ground it blossoms into a beautiful, colourful bush.

On the other hand, “Seed B” is from a tree.  It falls to the forest floor and begins growing into a tall, broad tree.

Both the tree and the bush develop just as nature intended.  That is, they evolve according to their natural flow with neither of them placing any stress on themselves to be something different.  Understanding what they are, they both grow to their full potential.

Why then do we human beings find it so hard to do the same?

Why Aren’t We Aligned With Our Natural Flow?

Experience has taught me the answer lies in the fact we are not taught to believe that our lives are going to work out incredibly well.  As a result, we place pressure and stress upon ourselves and this disrupts our natural flow.  If we were only given the tools to understand this, so many of us would avoid looking back at our lives with regret.

These tools are what I believe makes the Flip Your Life Program so transformative – it gives people the knowledge and the power to unlock their true potential; to not only have dreams, but to truly give themselves permission to believe in those dreams and achieve them.

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  1. I could not have said it any better. I am a perfect me and have always been. I live one moment at a time. I am a Dyer thinker. I am, fully in touch with my own opinion of me as the only one that ever truly counts. I am not in control of your thoughts and there for your feelings are always self inflicted, just as mine are. My happiness lies with in my thoughts not my surroundings or belongings. I live my life I do not plan it. All that life shows me is but a journey not a designation. I am thought and it is with thought I create my life.

  2. Love it, this is so simple, and yet so powerful…There is a great book called “Synchronicity-the inner path of leadership” that talks just about this 🙂

  3. I’m a Christian who follows the principles of the Gospel to the best of my ability. This has caused me to see and to become the me that Jesus intended for me to be.
    I now have peace and tranquility.
    My anxiety no longer exists and there fore i am able to completely focus on life and my purpose for it. I seek not to be wealthy but rich in blessings and healthy relationships.
    I flow now in the right direction for me.
    Thank you for your thought provoking information and may God continue to bless you and your mission in helping others!

  4. Thanks this book is so true and fun to read i will be waiting for the next one. Everyone really needs to read this book it can really change your life it made me a happier person I don’t think I really have many problems after reading this book … heee Thanks Andrew

  5. I hear a lot of this about find your self, live extra ordinary lives, get in touch with your true self. All noble but any wonder few act to do this and few actually achieve it. Thats because Life is for the most part full of uncaring insecure people, unpredictability, vacuous and jarring experiences and isolation. I think feel good self help can lead people into false security. If you actually want to be happy and content you must fear failure and gain control of your life, have unwavering steely discipline, courage to act and not talk, smarts, cunning, and a willingness to be alone and be happy with that. As much as success leaves clues, success leaves many behind as you move toward it. Friends and family become anchors and this is painful to both realise and decisions to let go are very difficult. Andrew your message is great but when the rubber hits the road (implementation) thats the raw end of your message and when many, most, give up.

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  6. Andrew, I’m very attracted to your new book. Since I’m from India I would like to know from where I can purchase your book.
    I wish you all the best.
    Thanks for inspiring millions of people!

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