Finding Clarity

One of the greatest things you can give yourself, is the gift of obtaining clarity.

In this post, I want to help you understand that when you obtain more clarity, you really do obtain more power.

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What is clarity?

Clarity is a DEEP understanding of knowing exactly what you want in EVERY area of your life.

It’s sad when you think about it, but people spend more time planning for their wedding than they do planning for the rest of their life!

Have you REALLY stopped to truly ask what you want from your life?  Or are you influenced by what other people want from you?

From my experience, people who lack clarity can substantially decrease their current level of happiness.

This is why working on increasing our level of clarity is so important and this is why I am brining you this content today.

The Importance Of Finding Clarity

Have you ever heard of a concept called the law of control?

THE LAW OF CONTROL: Our degree of happiness is measured by how much control we have in all areas of our life.

We feel HAPPY when we are in control of all areas of our life.  We feel UNHAPPY when we are not in control


Simple. We can do it in 3 steps

1)      Figure out what you want

2)      Create your life story

3)      Allow it to occur

Here’s how:

1) Figure out what you want

But I don’t know what I want, I hear you say!!

The easiest way to find out what we want is to start with what we know we don’t want.

Split your life into these 7 areas (rename or add areas if you like)

  1. Health
  2. Romance
  3. Family
  4. Spiritual
  5. Business/career
  6. Hobbies
  7. Social


For each area, write a list of DON’T WANT and turn them in to DO WANTS. Make these lists as long and specific as you can.

Once you have done this for all 7 areas of your life, you can then …

2) Create a “My ideal life” statement

Take all your ‘DO WANTS’ from the lists and turn it into a statement about what you want from your life.

REMEMBER: What you focus on gets bigger

‘It’s what we say to ourselves about ourselves when we’re by ourselves that counts’

So read this statement every morning. Set yourself a goal to read it every morning for the next 30 days to create the habit

3) Allow it to occur

You must give yourself permission to have the life you want. There are people out there that have already done what you want to do so we need to identify 2 or 3 ALLOWING STATEMENTS that are designed to REMOVE DOUBT.

e.g  there are millions of people around the world who have lost 10kg and I can do it too

e.g I have a great brain that is more than capable of doing this job that I know lots of other people have done too.


1)      Figure out what you want by figuring out what you don’t want in the 7 areas of you life

2)      Write ‘My ideal life story’ and read it EVERY DAY

3)      Give yourself permission by creating and reading allowing statements

You will find that MOTIVATION and EXCITEMENT come from this

Put some time in the diary NOW to plan your life (before you plan your next holiday!)


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What do you think about the importance of finding clarity in your life? I’d love to read your comments below …

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  1. Legend Andrew ….I really enjoyed the segment ….I think the thing that defines your coaching is simplicity. I love how you get the bricks out of the way really quickly so I can move forward without complication . Keep up the awsome coaching we look forward to a fantastic year

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  2. Agree that knowing where we’d like to go is important and that we have that defined to allow specific focus. I have a couple of comments however.

    It is useful to have clarity, however it depends how that is defined, if we have clarity in relation to who we are by investigating that deeply and allow our actions to flow from that knowing then yes.

    I don’t agree that people are necessarily happy when they have control of all areas of their life, the illusion that we are ultimately in control of anything can cause unhappiness. The realization and appreciation of this can allow a more fluid approach which can avoid the rigidity and stress which arises from a belief in control. It also allows more efficiency in meeting challenges and overcoming them.

    There is nothing wrong in positive intent, focus etc., plans, however these need to be a point of focus which can be adjusted to meet circumstances as they arise. Not necessarily changing the destination but the route or approach may need alteration.

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      Great points David. I think from my experience we can control certain things and many people choose not to. For example, if your weight is not in order – this CAN cause us to feel a loss of control – and thus we eat without thinking and give up exercising. We focus more on what we dont want and our self esteem plummets. To regain control, we need a plan to get back on track – and something (a goal) to move towards. Once we get the weight back in order, this brings us more control (happiness) to our lives. Same is true with relationships, career, finance, social etc.

      What we cant control is certain things happening to us (ie our house might flood) – HOWEVER -we can control how we respond.

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