Focus. The Magnifying Glass Theory…

For me this would have to be one of the most important lessons I’ve been taught, in business and in life.

The Magnifying Glass Theory

Taught to me by one of my amazing business mentors, Creel Price.

And, it’s all to do with Focus.

I have an immense belief in the need to FOCUS.

Despite this, and knowing how important Focus is – in contract, and I see it all the time, with business owners, it’s quite tough to maintain focus. I mean jeez, I’m guilty of it myself.

I delve a little more deeply into why Focus is integral in this week’s video – check it out below.

Ok, so apart from my childhood confessions (not so kind I admit)  think about it…

If you’re constantly moving the Magnifying Glass around, moving your Focus, how are you going to start a fire?

Focus is on a whole other level:

  • another level beyond watching
  • another level beyond simply thinking

If things aren’t working in your life or business at the moment – how much are you focusing on what it is that you truly want?

The whole idea with Focus is LESS become MORE. The less we do – the more we will create.

Importantly, and Focus is not achieved without it – is to allocate BIG CHUNKS of TIME

Schedule, the day or a half day to FOCUS – in your diary.

I call these BIG DAYS

No distractions. No phone. No emails. No Team members. No clients.

Just a BIG DAY to Focus.

You might be brilliant at actioning a To Do List, but how many days do you book into your diary, to truly FOCUS on your big goals?

Where you apply Energy and Focus – no interruptions – you get a FIRE.

The more BIG DAYS you can schedule, you can plan (and do) the more success will follow…

Ask yourself.

Am I truly applying the Magnifying Glass – on the one thing – intensely well? Am I starting a Fire?


Am I jumping all over the place?

We’d love to hear your thoughts below Share your comments on what you’re doing to start a Fire and help others learn what their own Focus can bring to life.


Til next time



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  1. Hi Andrew,

    I agree. When you concentrate of too many things you end up doing very little. When you only have one or two key things to focus on, you get a lot more done and produce quality work. I think the trick is to find out what’s most important first…?

    Great video


  2. Absolutely correct. I am a student at a university and when I want to read a paper, it is really important to be focus on the paper, only. If i jump to another paper or book without fully understanding the main paper, everything becomes like a mess and I lose the idea and creativity which might be expected after finishing the study.

  3. Veeeeery powerful video. I constantly have to rein myself in as I get scattered in many directions trying to get my business started. I’m still focusing on three groups of clients when I should probably just be focused on one. The target market I had originally set for my business. Thanks for the reminder Andrew. I should listen to this video once a week I think.LOL It’s so easy to get off track….


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