Frankly, I’m Puzzled….

Is it just me, or is time completing flying? Can you believe it’s already the end of ANOTHER financial year?

I always like to treat the end of June like the end of a year.  It is a great time for some business re-invention.

But today, I want to talk about an idea that many entrepreneurs and sales people fail to understand,

 It takes 6 no’s before you get a yes. 

When you understand this, you can multiply your sales considerably.

You see, this is why it is SO important to collect peoples details when you meet them and keep in regular contact with them.

How often do you communicate to your database? Do you even use a database?  Do you add value to your database? These days you can’t afford not to have regular communication with your customers and potential customers.

In addition to consistent communication, its important you begin to really understand the power of having a sales system in place.

This will lead to your 6 ‘no’s’ sooner and thus more ‘yes’s’

Back when I ran our coaching company in Sydney we had 13 steps in our sales funnel from when a lead was generated to actually making the sale.  Because I understand that there are 6 no’s before I get a yes, I wanted to to ensure that the 6 no’s came before I had the sales call.   When I followed this sales system, our conversion rate was higher than 70%.

Just to give you an idea of what we did in this sales system, I have  summarised some steps below:

  1. Lead was generated.
  2. A pack was Express Posted to them.
  3. The pack included a profile of me | 2 lollipops (a small wow factor) | an introductory letter (telling them to get ready for an incredible meeting) | a brochure on the 24 most asked questions of working with a Coach | a CD (on running a great business) and a 2 page form for them to fax back to us.
  4. We called them within 24 hours of getting the pack to simply ask ‘Did the postman do his job and deliver our pack’
  5. Within 3 days we called the prospect to ask when they could listen to the CD and to also get back the questionnaire so we could ensure they got the most of the meeting.
  6. We would mail a card saying how much we were looking forward to helping them.
  7. I would call on the day to ask if it was ok if I was running 10 minutes early.

The results of this process?     More than 70% of people signed up to a $30k per year program on the first meeting. 

Yes – there was more effort up front – but it was always worth it!!!

So remember – there are 6 no’s before you get a yes.   So get out there today and get as many no’s as you possibly can.  You are just one  step closer to a yes!

Let me know about your No’s and Yes’s below….

Have a great week,


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  1. I guess the example above is relevant when you have to cold call or use other methods to generate leads.
    It comes down down to whether or not the prospect actually has a perceived or real need for what you’re selling or whether they need to be “convinced”.
    Methinks that selling that particular coaching program took a great deal of “convincing”.
    My recommendation is to find something people actually want and have them come to you. It’s much easier!

  2. Post
  3. Post

    I agree with you James. Even when you have something that people want – do you not find you have to build up trust and credibility to get people to make a purchase?

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