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7 Ways To Generate Leads And Grow Your Business For Very Little or NO Money

Watch the video below to know more on how to grow your business.

1. Newsletters and Blogs

If you are not building a database and then sending information to your database your just not serious about business.  Firstly, you need to purchase a customer relationship management software (CRM).  I use one called send pepper, but there are several other more affordable ones on the market (ACT! Is one of them).  This is software to allow you to collect details of your customers and also your leads.  Even if I had 20 people on my list, I would still send out a weekly or a fortnightly blogs.

Here are some things to note for BLOGGING:

  • Be consistent – same time and also use the same format
  • Add character to your blog – remember that character is what people come back for,  so use personality. The main aim of sending out a blog is to build further trust and rapport
  • You don’t have to blog about your business – bring in your personal life
  • Use the blog or newsletter to bring in case studies
  • Always add value to a ration of 10 to 1.  That is, for every 1 offer you make to the list, send out 10 value posts
  • Maybe buy a template (lots available online) to blog

2. Strategic Partners

Over 80% of our business is generated from strategic partners.  Several years ago, I was at a course and I heard something very profound that changed the course of my business.  SELL THROUGH NOT TO.  The guy running the course, told me to change my energy from focusing on targeting the end client, to targeting people that already have the end client in their database.  I like to line up 2-3 strategic partnerships monthly.  Its actually very easy.  Here are some tips

  • Get a list ready – the who is really important
  • Always go in with a view to give first.  Remember – givers gain.  I will always look for a way to promote them first if I can
  • When they do agree to promote me, I make it very easy for them.  I have the email written for them to forward out (copy needs to be well written) and also an enticing offer.  Lately, my main offer has been a webinar – where their audience simply needs to opt in
  • Pick the phone up and make the call.  So many people are fearful of making the call, you need to overcome this and simply pick the phone up and call.  If you get a no, does it really matter?

3. Run A Webinar

I still believe this is the BEST marketing strategy that I have come across.  It’s a very leveraged way to reach an audience.

Find out more information about webinar marketing

4. Master the art of asking for referrals

This is still SO underutilized by people.  I think lifestyle business owners are scared to ask.

[box color=”blue” icon=”information”]Remember – if you don’t ask, you don’t get. [/box]

Here are some tips on referrals:

  • Lay out 4 different ways to ask for referrals  – one for each quarter of the year (that is right, you are going to ask each client 4 times per year for a referral)
  • Establish a good offer that your clients can pass on – make the offer really strong
  • Make it really easy for them to pass your offer on.  What if you wrote the email for them and asked them to email it to 10 friends?
  • Constantly remind your clients you’re a referral based business and rely on referrals to be successful.
  • Measure your results

5. Get someone else to interview you

This is very ties in with lining up strategic partners, but why not get someone that is connected with your target audience, to interview you?  I use GoToMeeting and can organize the meeting online.

It’s simple … call and suggest they interview you on a topic that will add value to their list and they can then send it out as a blog post.  Its great for them (value to your list) for their customers (receive value) and for you (get introduced to their clients).

6. Automated sales system

There are three stages to getting clients.

  • Get people to KNOW you
  • Get people to LIKE you
  • Get people to TRUST you

When someone opts into your database, why don’t you automate things so they are sent a few emails that builds some likeability and some trust without you having to do the work (well after you have created the email sequence).  For example, if someone opts into AndrewRoberts website, they are sent 3 really valuable videos 2 days apart.  This all happens on auto pilot.  There are two HUGE benefits of doing this

  • I build trust with the people opting in
  • The content is shared with others and thus it fuels more opt ins

7. Upsell on purchase

Marketing is not just about generating more new customers.  Always look for ways to offer an up-sell at the point of sale.  You will be amazed by how many people will take you up on it.

Resources Mentioned In The Video

CRM – We use Office Autopilot (note: Sendpepper is the less featured version)

Webinars – for live presentations, we use GoToWebinar -for automated presentations, we use Stealth Seminar

Launch video funnels – we use a wordpress theme called Optimize Press. If you need an easier all-in-one launch system, try Clickfunnels

We would love to hear about any strategies you’ve tried which are cost effective and also get results

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