Going pro at tennis and business

I was rudely interrupted this week … I apologise for that …but I still think I managed to get across my point. Best check out the video!!!

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Fulfillionaire Coaching Program

  1. Detailed Clarity alignment session
  2. Bi-monthly coaching
  3. Monthly ‘business theory’ webinar
  4. Monthly Q&A
  5. 5 min ‘Monday Morning Mind Motivator’
  6. 2 x two-day live group coaching events
  7. Ultimate business reference library

What can you say about the reality of owning a business? I’d love to read your comments below…

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    1. Ha Lisa – we filmed this in 30 degrees in a room without air conditioning JUST after I finished a bikram yoga session (first and last one mind you) – believe me – I almost fainted at the end of this one I was so hot!!!! Next time I am filming when its cool. by the way – our studio room is in the garage of my house….

  1. Haha, excellent way of getting your point across. I love the term fulfillionaire!

    I couldn’t agree more! (providing you get the right coach i.e. someone who’s lived and done it – not just teaching it!).

    I was just wondering what you were wearing on the bottom! (board shorts?) 😉

    1. Thank you Simone – and it was that hot the day we filmed this – I WISH i was in board shorts. Blake (the guy in the video) came up with the term fulfullionaire – and we all love it here as well

  2. Loved seeing this, perfect timing too!

    Great way to get across the message (very entertaining) as well as share the fulfillionaire mission and power of creating a life you love and modelling those who are getting the results you want. Brilliant!


  3. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the reminder about the importance of coaching. It is such a valuable investment. The tennis analogy was excellent.


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