The Happy Beggar

A few years ago I was travelling in Central America, when I witnessed an interesting situation.

I could write out a long blog about it – but take a look at this week’s video. Maybe you have experienced similar…


I truly believe the happy, smiling faces and the bouncing joy of these 2 boys was what assured their success.

Think on it – who are you more drawn to?

Someone who is enjoying themselves, are happy, has a smile, or someone who is drawn, down and miserable?

We want what we are attracted to:

Even when we are running our businesses – what are we attracting when we are feeling down, sad and sorry and things aren’t working – versus happy, passionate and motivated?

  • We need to stop and think on this and keep it ever present…
  • What type of customer / client do we want to attract?
  • What do we want to attract?

A powerful lesson.

Remember the story of the Happy Beggar. Maybe you have witnessed something similar and can share in comments below – we’d love to hear from you.


Til next time,


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  1. Hi Andrew,
    This certainly rings true for me. How many times have you had terrible service from grumpy people and regardless of how good the rest of the experience was, this has soured the whole thing. Flipside, great service from happy, enthusiastic people helps you forgive a maybe less than perfect experience.
    Bring on the enthusiasm and positive!!

  2. Hey Andrew,
    Just thought this was a great opportunity to let you know that while I plow through my scads & scads of emails every day, I save yours b/c I really appreciate the content, and given the subject matter of today, I noticed even as I pressed play and your “happy music” started, I just felt better and relaxed into my chair. So thank you – for your positivity & warmth and genuineness (is that a word? anyway, it is today)
    Warm regards, Lisa

    1. Post

      Hi Lisa – Ive just era this – thank you so much for sharing this. i really value this feedback. Thank you for listening to the blogs and for your comments. have an amazing Christmas and 2014. Andrew

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